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FTX top performances of week 12

Dyzyn Williams, Duke

The Canadian cannon did what he does best on Saturday, score goals and pack lips. Williams had 6 goals for the blue devils including an absolutely leather btb. Might've messed around and pulled a zeta as well. Great work Dyzyn!

Gage Adams, Bing

These Bing guys can't stay off this list, nor can they stay out of the liquor store and the win column. Wether it's Ross Chaz, Thomas Greenblatt, Nephew Imburgia the Bearcats always have some guy come up big in a game. This time it's Gage "Fuck Njit" Adams, the transfer logged 5 genos against albany on senior day. Great work Gage!

Jojo Pirecca, Jamison Embury, Jake Deacy, Marist

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Braden Erska, Maryland

The Big ten freshman of the year and ATL legend had 1 geno and 6 apples in the big ten playoffs vs Rutgers. Hearing reports he made Ross Scott's chick his side piece over the weekend and had some fun. This kids been on a tear lately and I expect him to be wearing number 1 soon enough. Great work Braden!

Matthew Nunes, Virginia

Despite a slower start to the season, Nunes was huge for the Hoos in the cage yesterday with 19 saves. I have heard reports that Abstinence runs strong with Matthew, so I don't think he ate much box postgame but I don't think he cares. As long as him and teammate Connor Shellenberger can hve their weekly conversations about their faith Matthew is happy. Great work Matt!

Michael Minicus, Colgate

Brother to the Freshman phenom Matthew, older brother Mike tore it up against dogshit holy cross with 5 goals and 2 apples. Sure the fellas celebrated in Hamilton NY with a few cold ones and a good book. Great work Mike!

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