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FTX top performances of week 10

Jack Traynor

I mean 6 genos against a tough Michigan team, is that good? Dude was all over the place making plays, crease dives, just a great performance all around. Heard some reports of an absolute rocket walking into his apartment when they got back to state college, no suprise there honestly. Great work Jack!

Jack Ferda, Bucknell

Welcome to the show. Another 6 goal performance from the Nailgun out of Bucknell. This guys last name is literally ferda so no suprise seeing this. Dutch Furlong the man himself also played well with a geno and 4 apples. Bucknell starting to heat up and looks like they could make some noise in the Patriot league tournament and I'm all for it. These guys are a bunch of Nailguns and tear up lewisburg almost every night. Great work Jack!

Chris Lyons, Yale

Corona Chris, 7 genos and an apple to win s over Brown, despite hearing reports from Brown players that their Elf bars were confiscated upon arriving in New Haven leading to an underperformance on Offense, still impressive stuff from Chris. Thi guy is literally the only thing keeping Yale from being a complete dumpster fire this year. His girthy frame makes him a force in the paint and he just scores goals. Great stuff Chris!

Jamison Embury, Marist

Another Marist Menace showing up on our top performances, this time it's Ol Jamo with 2 goals and 5 apples leading the Foxes in their win over LIU. I did receive information from marist player and known beauty Ryan McDaniel that Jamison cheefed some alien OG pregame and was grinding tinder for 30 minutes before faceoff instead of warming up with the team. Respect. Great work Jamison!

Ethan Insinga, Binghamton

There's quite a culture growing in Binghamton NY, guys like Thomas Greenblatt, Ross Chaz, Sonny Imburgia, instilling this Nailgun culture across their team and it seems to be paying Dividends. These guys can't stay out of the top performers list and can't stay out of the Zeta house. This week, it's uncle Insinga with 3 goals and 3 apples in their win over UMBC to clinch a spot in the America east tournament. I expect the Bearcats to make a run and win the conference, these nailguns are red hot and no one wants to play these guys. Great work Ethan!

Jordan Hyde, Utah

Don't know much about this young man, but 14 goals in 2 games 3 days apart is pretty good I'd say. Utes are playing well, I'd assume they're stopped spending so much time at Snowbird and started to actually practice. Great work jordan!

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