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Final 4 preview

I can't wait get to get hammered while watching these games this weekend, it's great to have the best weekend of lacrosse upon us.

Penn State vs Duke

Seems like the consensus on Twitter is that penn state is a Mickey Mouse squad and isn't on par with these teams, however I disagree. You saw the past two weeks whenever they get in trouble they just put Kevin "Two Pump" Winkoff on a sweep and he rips a fucking laser top shelf everytime. I mean the play is a goddamn thing of beauty. Not to mention, they got an absolute beauty in the cage with the "Persian Panther" Jack Fracyon, this guys been on another level ever since they pulled the zone out. Now with National treasure and star defenseman Jack Posey looking like he tore his acl last game, I think the nitts will be alright. They have the depth on Offense to keep up. All of their starting six and second line can take your girl and go bardownski at will. Now with Duke, they're gonna need a massive shipment of elf bars to Philly to make sure Will Helm has a day. As you saw last week, when this guy has his nicotine fix he is a menace. This team will be hard to stop, the rope unit has been an absolute movie and the attack is on another level. However, their midfielders haven't really been all that. After the first Virginia game it seems like Garrett Leadmon just started cheefing a delta 8 before every game because he secured his spot in the PLL. Aiden Danenza I don't even know what to say. Charles Balsamo is kind of good I guess. That said, I think this game could very well be better than expected, good luck to both teams.

Virginia vs Notre Dame

We've seen it twice, I think we all know what is most likely going to happen. However, if Notre dames midfield decides to show up and Cousin Dobson puts in a few upper deckys and starts ripping shots maybe they can pull it off. But it's looking like King Shelly has been pounding Coronas based on his performance against Georgetown and is gonna run a train on the Notre Dame defense again. Expect Zynwaarton winner Evan Zinn to have some big moments, along with Payton Cormier. Big Country shows up on championship weekend as we saw last time. An absolute beauty to say the least. What does Notre Dame need to do to win? Win some faceoffs, maybe get a blessing from Alix Earle, maybe even a personalized hype up video from Scotty Rodgers himself to watch before the game. Nonetheless, I do expect this game to be a Barnburner and go down to the wire. Good luck to both teams, Cheers.

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