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Evan Zynn and Jack Ferda, A breakdown of the 2 Zynwaarton finalists

Jack Ferda, Bucknell

Height: 5'11

Weight: 190lbs

Zyn of choice: Wintergreen


Religion: Unknown, possibly Hinduism

Hair: Brown

The girthy nailgun out of Greenwich CT is an all around beast, known as the Rambo of Greenwich, not only does he have one of the best names, the guy can play. 24 genos and 1 apple on the year, and doing that while getting blasted every night of the week. You can always count on him to finish the keg at a party and cheef a few hits of your elf bar. An impressive young man to say the least, with this beast majoring in economics, don't be suprised if he is managing a hedge fund in 3 years. This man is a perfect representation of the Zynwaarton values, and is a great role model for young lacrosse players.

Evan Zynn, Virginia

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200

Zyn of choice: Cool mint

Position: Midfield

Religion: Jewish

Hair: Red

I mean what needs to be said, it's in the name, and it's in his play. Rumored to always have an upper decky packed, the stallion has a Zyn addiction like no other and is described by his teammates as mildly autistic. Regardless, he still has tremendous success on the field and off the field with the women. Heard stories of him having sex with a chick in the Hopkins library before transferring. Absolutely legendary. When I watch Zyn play it's electric, I never know what to expect. I mean he will give Pat Kav a free stepdown but then get the ball and run down and score right after. Maybe it's the mild autism, but it seems to be working. Another great reflection of the values of the Zynwaarton.

The firm couldn't be more proud of either of these two men, may the best win!

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