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Duke sons Penn in Philly

Now I mean you saw my picks, I was riding with the blue devils from the start. These guys definitely took my advice from the comment section and cheefed the fuck out of some elf bars pregame. I heard Wilson Stephenson even packed a lip of Copenhagen mid 2nd quarter, I mean this guy gave Sam Handley a beating, looked like Chris brown vs Rihanna out there! Andrew Mcadory and the St Lawernce stallion William Helm seemed to redeem themselves after last game, when Mcadory hit that rocker step, I felt blood rush to my midsection- that was a crazy move. I was incredibly impressed by dukes defense this game Jack Gray is a beast of a ssdm, and I heard after sealing the game with that clear he flashed his cock to a penn players girlfriend in the crowd. It seemed like Duke is tweaking their midfielders a little bit, I even saw cny legend Ryan Mackenzie ripping genos out there. Always good to see an Ivy lose, especially Sam Handley who honestly is a detriment to this team, idk who the fuck thinks this dude is tewaarton level anymore bro shot 13% and had 3 turnovers (definitely was more). However, hats off to duke for a great team win, I know Uncle B and Mcadory will be crushing some vodka red bulls on the plane ride home and look to go straight to the bars upon landing in Durham.

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