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D2 poll: I'm gonna need new sheets

Cousin Shutzy is the truth, my turn to take the kids this week and brought them to an indoor water park. Saw a smokeshow of a blonde but turns out she was 17. Shit. D2 lacrosse is a fuckin mess and Limestone is probably going undefeated unless more than half of their team gets smited.

  1. Limestone: clearcut #1 this week after gaping Flagler.

  2. Lenoir Rhyne: Hearing Ryan Voss has a splash of sensory autism and was off his game vs limestone after an RA confiscated his room candle. He hasn’t gotten a new one yet but when he does it might be game over for the south.

  3. Tampa: Great body of work so far. The guys could go 0-2 against Rollins and Florida Southern and still have some of the best sex of their lives with a Tampa rocket so who is really losing here.

  4. Adelphi. The panthers are looking like the team to beat in the North after taking care of Bentley. However I will continue to doubt their ability to make it to Memorial Day until I see some realtree hoodies from the guys and a ten point buck on Eamon hall’s Instagram.

  5. Indy: Starting to think these guys lost to Newberry on purpose and now are eclipsing their final form at a questionable time heading into a informidable stretch of the season, just can’t get complacent here fellas and remember that KC Carlson and Connor “Ray rice” Magin might spitroast your girlfriend when you least expect it.

  6. Mercy: These guys made an outing vs Roberts Wesleyan much more of an adventure than necessary but have strung together a lot of challenging non conference games before getting into pumping the shit out of the ECC. Excited to see these guys as a dark horse in the tournament, they’re definitely tested and will be rollllllllling.

  7. Rollins: Unsure what happened vs indy but I think they’ll level out, or maybe implode on the trip back idk how they’ll handle this loss. Need to make sure Shahe is not cutting weight these next few weeks, need every ounce we can get out of him.

  8. Wingate: beat Newberry but not sure what that really means, gonna get shoved by LR next week but its jorts season in the Carolinas lfg.

  9. Bentley Shameless loss to Adelphi, getting ready for Saint Anselm on Holy Saturday and for die season to officially start, heard Nate Alviti is pretty good but wouldn’t hold a candle to Easton Ong and Adam Wong (Indy lax die legends), the Asian persuasion is real.

  10. St anselm: No game this week, heard some of the guys got into a scuffle at St paddy’s day darty with some Bentley fellas, that game is gonna be a fuckin bloodbath on the 30th.

  11. Florida southern: I been turnin' up for my city Richie Rich, fuck her, then I leave, bitch, ain't no, "Give me kiss" All or nothin', freak bitch call me Dugg and I don't call her number She finessin', baby, I need a dime

  12. Seton hill: I think these guys actually got worse by playing Thomas More. They’re gearing up for a GMAC Super Bowl in a few weeks against Mercyhurst which is actually gonna be a great game.

  13. Mercyhurst: Conference play is gonna lull them to a zen like sleep state until they play Seton Hill and Mercy, need two wins there.

  14. Pace: 5-0 rn after beating the brakes off Saint Rose, will also shell Franklin pierce this week probably 19-6 my prediction. Their first test comes in two weeks against Adelphi where they themselves will get likely shelled. Their weak non conference schedule is gonna hurt them come tournament selection time.

  15. Maryville

  16. Frostburg

  17. Colorado mesa

  18. Davenport

  19. Bobby Wesleyan

  20. Saint Leo

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