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D2 Bracketology

I know we have some d2 haters but I got hornswaggled off a cart and now am suddenly all knowing and all seeing. No assurance our predictions are right, we'll have to see Sunday. Cheers

North Region

  1. Adelphi 

I mean these guys are the best team in the north and don’t have a Fogo, not sure if means the north is bad or just maybe just Adelphi is that good. I hear from my favorite Long island deli man that NE10 goalie of the year Dylan Renner loves coke and boobs, and combines them to help him see ball save ball, sometimes he tries to snort the ball too. Seems to work most of the time. 

2. Mercy

The mavericks have cemented themselves as a dark horse in the north, only a 1 goal loss to Adelphi and wins over Mercyhurst, Frostburg, Seton Hill and Bentley. Frostburg this weekend, if they lose I think Frostburg will be at 6 and steal a bid. With a neanderthal fogo and a lefty lsm that likes to get really weird on weekends, these guys could do some damage in may. 

3. Saint Anselm

These guys are sneaky very good, but put together great quarters and questionable ones. They have a potent offense with Nick “Dick” Larsen and his brother Balls, as well as Jack Andrews who will score like 5 goals as a d middie and then mutter some inaudible Lil Durk lyrics at the goalie while he turns and rakes. If they can tighten up they’ll be a scary matchup for anyone and could make it to Memorial day. 

4. Pace

The setters are a lock for 3rd in the NE10 which in turn gets them into this tournament. My pal down in Pleasantville (c/o 1999) says that this team is legit but has some of the worst sty in team history, please ditch the yellow shafts and start banging more dirty birds! That would make my pal Yuengling Fusterbold happy. Could make a run but they have to start imposing, they seem to get pushed around. 

5. Mercyhurst

The lakers, in their last year of Division 2 existence have a uphill battle to hoist just about anything, they face a good Seton Hill team this Saturday and then whatever card the selection committee deals them. Lots on the line as this is probably the final year Mercyhurst will go above .500 for a good long while. 

Idek at this point, this 6 seed could be Bentley, could be Frostburg, could be Seton Hill, all depends on how this weekend of lacrosse goes outside the NE10. I have them here if Frostburg and Seton Hill lose, but if either wins, Bentley is out and it gets hairy up north. 

South Regional 

  1. Tampa

The top three teams in the South have been interchangeable all year, but I do see the Spartans getting the 1 seed. They steamrolled everyone in the SSC including two wins against Rollins and Florida Southern. A gritty double OT win against Wingate earlier in the year will solidify them as the 1 seed. Tampa had a great strength of schedule as well. 

2. Lenoir Rhyne

Another team that could be number 1 depending on the day. LR just got a signature win against Limestone in the SAC Championship game that could bump them up to #1. They have been a buzzsaw all year despite their one-goal loss to Limestone. Yes, they did beat Tampa but their SOS isn’t great so therefore, they will be the 2 seed.

3. Limestone

The Saints looked like a fucking juggernaut up until the SAC Championship game when they lost by 1 to LR. Another team that could be the one seed but won’t because of their last outing. Like I said, they have steamrolled everyone in their path up until last weekend and are my favorite to win the whole thing. The Natty hasn’t run through the shit hole of Gaffney, SC in quite some time. 

4. UIndy

This is where things get very interesting. UIndy has been known to have some great wins early in the year and then sell to some dick-fuck team during the latter half of the season. That is the case again in 2024. The Hounds had a resume-boosting win against Rollins and then lost to a decent Maryville team. All eyes will be on the GLVC tournament to see if they are a one or two-bid conference, and who Connor Magin will be taking back to his dorm this weekend.

5. Wingate

Another controversial team on this list. They haven’t won any huge games besides Newberry (x2) but they have remained tough with Limestone and Lenoir Rhyne in every game. A double OT loss to Tampa is not the worst thing in the world either. Having Willie Greico, the reigning D2 player of the year, I find it hard for the committee to leave them out, even if they don’t necessarily deserve to be in.

6. Maryville?

Maryville is probably the most controversial team in all of Division 2 lacrosse. They have some solid wins over Colorado Mesa, Lewis, and Rockhurst and a great win against UIndy. A one-goal loss to Wingate is nothing to be ashamed of as well. Their 12-3 record is very appealing to the committee. It is between them and Rollins for the last seed, so the GLVC tournament will be the deciding factor. If they at least make it to the chip and play Indy, I see them getting the last seed, win or lose.

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