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Cousin Rup, Daniel Kelly come up big in an instant classic

What a game, an absolute brawl, guys laying the lumber, talking shit, getting sweaty, and playing great lacrosse. Maryland came out buzzing and stifled the Cavalier's offense. Ajax Zappitello dominated King Shelly and was talking shit in his ear all game and hit shellys girl with his patented unspoken rizz. Jack Koras must have gotten his hands on a Mango Juul pod somehow because he was unreal, with 4 goals off 7 shots, and was matching with straight 10s on tinder postgame. The Freshman Brayden Erska was also impressive on offense, I'd expect nothing less from a product of the ferda hotbed of IMG academy. Overtime was unreal and Evan Zinn and Thomas Mcconvey were inches away from ending the game but COUSIN RUP STOOD TALL. When I watched those saves, I had tears in my eyes. However I would be lying if I didn't want Evan Zyn to score the game winner, I mean come on now. From my sources in attendance, Rup reportedly shouted "HOLD MY NUTS BITCH" and proceeded to turn up with Money Makar and Ajax Zappitello, and then DK on offense. An absolute dagger. I heard he got back to college park and immediately cracked the UAV, mad 8.5s on the radar and a few tens that he'll be taking home later. I heard him and Makar were killing road sodas the way home. Shoutout to the terapins for a get back win. Thats 3 straight wins over the Cavaliers now in the series and Tillman had to remind lars who his daddy is. The Maryland guys seemed pretty rowdy after this win, they were waving goodbye to every UVA fan and not just the men, but the woman, and the children as well. Some of the players on Maryland have gone "scorched earth" and shaved their heads. I don't know what they are searching for, but I hope we see a rematch of this in May!

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