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Chetty’s Weekend Preview

Wow, what a slate for this weekend, I mean holy fuck I am actually gonna break out a 30er of bud light at noon.

Prelims, Richmond vs Towson, Army vs Mercer

Starting out we got Richmond vs Towson on Friday night at 4, I expect this to be a great game to watch and I would crack a few brews open for this as these guys went to OT last year, I'm not sure how I feel about Richmond -2.5, but before the game, I'll have a few pen rips and see where my head is at. That said I am excited to see the results of the game as we'll see how Richmond compares to st joes. Up next we got Army vs Mercer (11 am Saturday), wouldn't have mentioned this game but army -9.5 is easy money unless these boys show up hung. If not the black knights are gonna continue to roll and box these Mercer kids like fish. I will bet my house on Reese Burek.

Vermont vs Brown 12:00, Sat

I'm expecting this game to be a war, very interesting to see Brown at +110, I'm not sure how to feel about this team considering they played a mid providence team kinda close, but I'm a big fan of Theriault, and Cousin Aiden on brown so I'll probably toss a unit on them.

Penn State vs Yale, 12:00 Sat

No one really gives a fuck about this game tbh, Yale wins in probably like an 18-13 type of game. Chris Lyons and Brandau probably gonna score like 7 genos each, I want to see Thomas Bragg get more active in the offense, I'm actually a big fan of his game and the lasers that guy can shoot.

Notre Dame vs Georgetown, Sat 12:00

This is pretty much a must-win for Georgetown unless they want to be known as Mickey Mouse for the rest of the season but if they do win the Ivy League meat riding will begin. I expect this game to be an absolute war and be an absolute barn burner or it's gonna be Notre Dame by like 5 genos. However there's quite a bit of talent in this game and there should be a lot of wild sequences, I'll definitely have a ghost svedey and some 6mg smooths on deck for this game. I like the over at 24.5 for this game. Watch out for the key matchup of stud Pat Kavanaugh vs beauty Will Bowen, per user @oxfordmensrowing in our Tok Tok comments, Bowen nailed a teacher in HS, not sure how true this is but I might give Bowen the edge here, remember do not let your girl see him in 5.5 in inseams.

Lehigh vs Cornell, Sat 12:00

Im loving Lehigh +295 Ml considering Cornell is on fraud watch after edging Albany last week. I love it even more with Lehigh having nailguns like Christian Mulè and Mike Siss running around out there, let's fucking go boys.

Duke vs UPenn, Sat 1:00

Holy fuck I'm excited about this game, Sam Handley vs Kenny Brower should be a fantastic matchup, as well as certified beast Jake Naso vs Chris Arceri at the faceoff dot. Rumor has it that in the 4th quarter, Uncle B slid Naso an elf bar to get him dialed on the dot to win the game for Duke. I honestly might give penn the edge here considering Duke looked like shit last game until they gave Brennan the keys at the end, but we all know Duke has insane potential it's just can they actually like win a fucking big game early season like holy shit boys.

Bryant vs Quinnipiac, 1:00 Sat

We got the matchup of America's team vs a bunch of Rhode Island scumbags. I love Jake tellers and nick DiMuccio on Quinnipiac to shock Vegas and make my bank account great again with them being a +205 underdog, let's fucking go boys. It's gonna be a hard-fought battle I mean Bryant always brings the fight but I am riding with Quinnipiac especially if they give Adam Woodcock some midfield runs.

Loyola vs Rutgers, 1:00 Sat

This is easy, Loyola just going to shit on them with their rope unit of Rezanka and Mustang Sally, I love Loyola -1.5.

Maryland vs Princeton, 1:00 Sat

I'm gonna have like 5 fucking screens going that's how stacked this Saturday is. But you guys know what we're excited to see, Luke Wierman shaft Tyler Sandoval on the faceoff dot. I think Maryland wins this game 13-7. I've heard from some sources from college park that the team nutritionist has the team on a strict diet of grass-fed beef and American Spirits, with that info I think it's easy money to bet on Maryland.

Syracuse vs North Carolina, 3:00 Sat

Man, I'm torn on this game, tons of beasts on both sides. I mean you got Cookie, Caccamo, Mark, Cousin Joey, Borges, Kirst, Thompson, and I mean I'll even throw Cordes on this list. On Unc, you got the legend Zynsner, Ty English (dudes a fucking beast dude ice picked that little boy Mitchell Pehlke in the head), Matan, both the Schwarz bros, Kreig, Goldsmith, I mean the list goes on. But if UNC shows up in their black uniforms that they wore in 2020 I think they shit on cuse but I mean Cuse is breaking out the new buckys, I really don't know about this one boys fuck.

Virginia vs Ohio State, 7:00 Sat

This will be a great watch while pregaming, UVA doesn't disappoint with entertainment their offense is lightning fast and the boys don't give fucks, pair that with Ohio state's actually pretty solid defense and it'll be fun to watch. I expect this game to be played at a high level but with the way Ohio State looked last week with a Disney world win over unc, UVA by 5.

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