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Chettys week 7 poll

HM- Jacksonville, Bryant, Richmond, Marquette, Bing, Quinnipiac,

20. Penn

19. Princeton

Ginder 2.0 and the tigers obliterated yale this weekend after an ot loss against penn last weekend

18. Syracuse

3-0 the last 3 games against bums and they will be taken to the woodshed by Notre Dame.

17. Ohio State

Win over Rutgers, I mean was Rutgers even that good, probably not. Idk but I guess I'll rank these guys since it looked like they learned how to shoot.

16. Drexel

Another win but it was against Hampton so that doesn't say much, they face Fairfield next. A lot of people don't have these guys ranked, but don't sleep on the dragons.

15. Loyola

Got mogged by army, idk what else to say. They face holy cross next.

14. Boston U

7 straight wins for the Terriers, Louis Perfetto and Vince D'Alto are straight beauties and they take on Navy next

13. Rutgers

Frauds got exposed against a mid Ohio State team, I mean like Mitchell Pehlke was ripping ched on these guys from 15 out, I love Mitch but like cmon man.

12. Georgetown

Mid performance, Tucker Dordevic had 6 goals but they gave up 15. What the hell are they doing down there on defense, like Chris Mulè is a beast but bro. They play Denver next.

11. Denver

They didn't play this weekend, saw via ig stories they were hiking and watching Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhall, interesting prep for Georgetown.

10. Penn State

Tough loss but a strong fight against maryland, they take on Ohio State next

9. Army

Teams red hot, 7 straight wins but they better hold their horses because they will be playing Dutch Furlong and the Bucknell Bison who are coming off a win.

8. North Carolina

Three straight wins via slaughter recently and now they're off for a while until they play UVA April 7th. Still not seeing enough Zynsner, I don't know what the hell is going on.

7. Villanova

This teams great all around, spladled navy 17-6 and face Brown tomorrow.

6. Hopkins

I'm loving the jays, big 4th quarter effort to beat Michigan who's been playing well lately. They face Rutgers next.

5. Cornell

Cj Kirst is a red rocket, guy can just score fkn goals, the only thing is I'm really not sold on this team. The one time they faced a real squad of guys who are real gritty blue collar bud light drinking guys they lost.

4. Duke

Defensively these guys looked great, had Levi Anderson on a leash, held St joes to 4 goals for most of the game but let off a bit in the 4th quarter. On offense not so great, I mean unlucky hitting a lot of pipes but obviously could've been better. I think they should pull Danenza from the midfield core and throw some Blue Collar non soft hands guy in the mix, never really seen Danenza do anything other than drop passes and mirror uncle B. Regardless definitely an argument for them being number 1, I'd say this whole top 4 is interchangeable but we'll see when Duke and Uva play Friday at 5.

3. Notre Dame

I mean, what can you say. Just seemed like it wasn't really their day. I think if Uncle Dobson has a better day they could win that game, maybe some more faceoff wins but thankfully they play again. The Irish look to bounce back against Syracuse next.

2. Maryland

Opened Big ten play with a win over Penn State, nothing much to say here. They face Michigan next.


As I said the whole top 4 can be interchangeable it really is just how you look at it. But their one loss is because of the most insane save sequence ever so I think it's fair to put them at number 1. Big win obviously, showed Nunes can show up at times to make things happen, obviously a great game plan by Lars, but Shellenberger and Dickson are just ridiculous bro. Mcconvey and Cormier were making the corners ding as well per usual. I'm excited for this Duke game, finally something to look foward to in life.

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