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Chettys week 6 poll: A new number 1

HM- Bing, Delaware, Princeton, Ohio State, Syracuse

20. Jacksonville

Idk what to say

19. St Joes

A great squad, can sling the rock and have tons of playmakers, they face duke next

18. Yale

Got the shit kicked out of them by Cornell

17. Penn

No one really cares about these dudes, offense is an absolute dumpster fire filled with poor shooting and hero ball, Emmet Carroll is great in cage though

16. Boston U

Another win for these guys this week, that fella Vince D'Alto can play ball

15. Drexel

An electric OT win over Towson this weekend makes 2 straight wins over solid opponents

14. Loyola

Escaped another loss against Bucknell, the Freshman Minicus had 7 genos

13. Army

These guys are on an absolute heater right now, 6 straight wins and another great Reese Burek performance against lehigh, they have another big one against loyola next

12. North Carolina

Tough loss to Duke but rebounded well with a thraxing of Dartmouth, their ride looked unstoppable and PJ Zynsner scored as well

11. Denver

A great win at a sold out home crowd over Ohio State on Sunday, their offense played lights out and they face Georgetown next in conference play

10. Georgetown

Massacred High Point, the offense seemed to be clicking, scoresheet was longer than my bar tab Saturday night which is always a good sign

9. Hopkins

Solid 2 wins over Delaware and Navy this weekend, open up conference play against Michigan next

8. Penn State

Disapointing blunder against Marquette, they'll have to dial in for Maryland next

7. Villanova

Sloppy win over Monmouth but I'm sure they were just hung, they face Navy next

6. Cornell

Bounce back win over Yale, but who knows what that win even means but their weak point being the defensive end looked complete different which is why I'm putting them at 6

5. Rutgers

Mediocre win over Umass, nothing too special but they'll open up conference play against Ohio State next

4. Duke

Offense looked incredible against UNC, Leadmon looked like fucking Rabil out there and Dyson Williams went off, they face Air Force tonight and then St Joes after

3. Virginia

Tough ending against Maryland, but don't forget who these dudes are

2. Maryland

Offense gets better week by week but the Defense is just incredible, Koras, Brennan, Long starting to play very well big fan of their midfield

  1. Notre dame

Took Michigan to the woodshed in Ann Arbor on Michigan Lacrosses "pride day". Pat Kavanaugh had his best game yet and Jake Taylor is officially back and dialed in. However was not a fan of the unis, the 3/4 leggings with navy socks did not impress my pal Wren nor myself.

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