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Chettys week 3 rankings: Hoyas hit the elf bar, Quinnipiac on the rise

Updated: Feb 26

Sorry for missing last week fellas, i had some obligations to my job but after quitting this week when my NJIT parlay hit and set me up for life this blog now has my undivided attention.

20. NJIT

What a story for this team, I mean they've pretty much been on cumdumpster in Division 1 for the past few years now the boys are munching box and winning games

19. Delaware

18. Quinnipiac

Won the battle of America's team this weekend, this team is legitimately nasty and I wouldn't be surprised if this squad goes undefeated.

17. UNC

Tough loss this weekend against hop, gonna need a big performance from Duffy or Petro to beat Princeton.

16. Richmond

This squad has been playing amazing lacrosse lately aside from their two losses, expect this team to fuck around and pull off the Duke upset

15. Princeton

This team is dust.

14. Rutgers

Knobby and the fuckin boys rebounded heavy as I predicted, cant wait to watch this squad run a train on Princeton in a few weeks

13. Cornell

Denver gave these boys a much-deserved fraud check, they got a free bounceback against Hobart next

12. Yale

Fuck this team.

11. Gtown

This squad is absolutely buzzing after getting an elf bar shipment in after the 2 losses to open the season and has a free win coming up against Brown. Hope to see some Kade Goldberg geno action

10. Michigan

9. Penn St

Big tilt for these boys coming up vs Yale and an opportunity for them to get back to doing what they do best, munching box and beating Mickey Mouse Ivy League teams.

8. Hopkins

Team keeps winning, Brendan Grimes even went back into Boys Latin form against unc on Saturday. Love to see him touching twine, massive tilt coming up for these boys vs UVA

7. Army

Huge matchup against the Orange coming up, I give army an edge because they've had their number recently. Will they win? Not sure but expect Reese Burek to drop like 3 genos and Jake Morin snag a couple rippers and army end up winning.

6. Notre Dame

Holy shit I'm not sure where to begin, this team forgot how to play offense and the only guy who showed up was Devon "Noise complaint" Mclane. I mean not to mention Uncle Entemann shit the bed with a 42% save percentage and then the defense became inept in OT. Can't confirm if the boys were hung or not but they need to wake up or else ATL legend Braden Erksa is going to cause some problems for them.

5. Denver

Solid team, not much to say other than will be interesting to see if they get fraud-checked

4. Cuse

Team is legit in my eyes, not sure how they stack up against the best of the Acc but was inches away from beating Maryland. Mason Khoke is a beauty and Jordan Vincent's diet is alpha phi box. How can you hate them.

3. Maryland

Looks like this team is gearing up to run a train on the big ten, Spanos even getting in the action now with 4 genos against Princeton and giving Mackesys piece a taste in his apartment that night. Another solid win for the Terps with them dominating the possession and giving Princeton a facial in the mental game. Another big tilt this weekend against the Irish.

2. Virginia

Big tilt coming up, could be a close one considering they only hung 14 on O State come on gotta get Cormier going with like 5 genos plus per game.

  1. Duke This team reminds of the squad they had back in '06, Oneils out here ripping btbs and munching stripper box on the weekends. Squad looks strong and ready to run on train on the ivy league gauntlet.

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