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Chettys thoughts: Duke, UVA advance

Solid games today, I mean could've been a bit better, however I think cotter and Pcarc could've used some redbull vodkas or some of that special stuff from south of the border in the booth because they didn't have any energy. I mean just disgraceful, like we get it like the Virginia guys are great but the meat riding is on another level. Game was pretty electric though I'd have to say, obviously would've been nice if it was a bit closer but guys were playing physically and laying hits. King Shelly was on his usual routine during may, slight 10 point game. Only one reason for this performance, some good long hits of the elf bar and a couple of 1 on 1 discussions about the creator with Lars Tiffany. National Treasure Payton Cormier had 2 genos and an apple and was a menace all game. Virginia's looking like a lock to go to the chip, I mean Uncle Shutz is starting to heat up, Abstinent Nunes playing well in the cage, Terenzi is smashing watermelons in praccy. I mean all the things you need to win a title.

Duke vs Michigan was just total domination. I mean the Wolverines had to have forgotten their zyns and elf bars in Ann Arbor, either that or Will Helm stole them. Elf Bar Helm was playing out of this world, the SLU legend had 14 saves. Uncle B was unstoppable as well, I mean he lowkey got the clamps put on him by Owen Grant last weekend but he responded and put on an absolute clinic. I mean you know he was pounding a Guinness or something at half. Michigan just didn't look themselves, couldn't shoot for their lives and just got gaped by Kenny Brower and Wilson Stephenson. Michigan will be back, great recruits coming in , some great players returning, just need to build a strong partying culture there to take that program to championship level.

With mine and 2 of my colleagues Brackets still perfect , it's fair to say we are best source of the sport, best minds and have the best evaluations. All Terry Foy does is try to write some philosophical shit in all his dogshit rankings and is just straight up wrong. That said cheers to a great day of lax and another tomorrow!

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