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Chetty’s week 9 poll

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Easter, I unfortunately wasn't able to catch many games this weekend, sent it a little too hard Friday night at red house in Danbury, only drinking miller lites of course.

HM- St Joes, Richmond, Quinnipiac, St Anthonys

20. Delaware

19. Bryant

4 straight for the Rhode Island scumbags and a nice performance this weekend

18. Villanova

A tough and brutal loss against Denver this weekend, hopefully see these guys bounce back against Providence next

17. Drexel

Dragons continue their red hot streak in a Barnburner against Stony Brook

16. Syracuse

Spallina went nuclear with 9 points and led them to a big needed win over Princeton, Coulter Mackesey is a pussy

15. Ohio State

Not even sure why I still have them ranked, they literally can't do anything right not even wear gloves correctly. A poverty program to say the least.

14. Michigan

Very tough loss in overtime, but I'm sure the Wolverines will be back

13. Rutgers

Dude idefk with these big ten teams

12. Loyola

11. Denver

Impressive performance against Villanova, these guys could for sure nab the Big east

10. Georgetown

Disgraceful performance this weekend! Not even sure these guys care.

9. North Carolina

Tough game against Virginia, I'm not sure why Breschi wasn't playing Zynsner that game lik what did you have to lose!

8. Cornell

More Ivy frauds, I mean these guys are a joke!!!!

7. Army

Not the greatest performance but I'm sure they must've had a little too much fun the night before and they still ended up with a win so it doesn't matter, they also didn't unleash the power of Bennet Ong

6. John's Hopkins

A great game Saturday night with a brutal ending. Still think these guys are a great team

5. Maryland

Probably showed up hung, but daddy tillman had to use every ounce of knowledge to nab the win for them. Offense needs to step it up

4. Penn State

Cousin Winkoff doing big things, bing legend delivered the rocket for the OT dub, and had a leather stick throw. The nitts looked great the other night.

3. Duke

I mean a bit of a disgraceful performance but can't say I didn't see it coming, the classic triangle between the three teams

2. Virginia

Without King Shelly they were still able to put on an impressive performance in chapel hill. Evan Zynanchino was playing fucking incredible, big country was doing his thing and the defense was even better.

  1. Notre Dame

I mean what a performance, The Kavanaughs were nuclear and Uncle Entemann was a wall. Chris Fake became the first person to really stop LeOneil for this whole year, if I'm being honest I didn't think he could do it. Always thought he just became a shadow of his former self after Dan Bucaro put him in an absolute blender. Good to see Chris doing stuff like this again.

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