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Chetty's week 8 Poll

20. Navy

Never bet on this team, probably the most inconsistent squad in D1 lax but when they play good they're elite but they can be absolute dog water sometimes

19. Penn

18. Harvard

Had an upset and a half in the bag but then just did what all Ivy league teams do and stop playing defense when it matters. I think their season is pretty much over at this point unless they somehow beat Cornell.

17. Michigan

Severly disappointed in the Wolevrines, inside sources were saying Boehmer hit his elf bar like boys are buzzing but then dropped another game to hopkins. however I wouldn't be surprised if they get a sneaky dub in the big ten tourney.

16. Richmond

15. Quinnipiac

Absolutely rigged loss against Manhattan the other night, but rebounded against the shitty mount Saturday. However I'm still pissed as fuck about the spread. i mean that was ridiculous you have man up with a minute left could've at least gotten the boys a push with one more geno but held onto it. Unacceptable.

14. BU

One of the hottest teams in the country despite the loss to Duke, however there is no fucking way this team has 5 all Americans another clear example of Terry Foy celebrating Fent Friday at IL headquarters. Hopefully, the boys get it done against Yale.

13. Princeton

12. Yale

Ok whatever Matt Brandau broke the points record however real ones know that record is fake and belongs to Ben Reeves. The last time Yale was ever cool was when Jack tigh was ripping ched.

11. Denver

10. Georgetown

9. Cornell

Disgraceful loss to Penn, not sure how you let Cam Rubin (another ivy league 16th year) drop 6 goals on your team but here we are. Got a tough tilt ahead against Syracuse.

8. Maryland

Impressive win vs Penn State, they'll probably go and Gape Ohio state next and get hot going into the big ten tourney unless Weirman starts playing shitty.

7. Duke

This team is disgraceful, Offense is absolute dog water and half of these players are just thinking about what bank they're working at this summer. I mean Benn Johnston is the only dude ripping ched against fucking BU. Duke better figure things out fast or they're going to drop to 0-2 in Acc play when Jake Taylor scores 7 btb goals next week.

6. Penn State

Brutal loss to the Terps but holy fuck that was honestly the best half of lacrosse I've seen this year, the boys were absolutely buzzing and Malone looked unstoppable. However in the second Weirman turned it up and it was not ideal. Honestly I still think this team still has final 4 potential

5. Hopkins

This squad has started to rebound well I honestly thought they were going to lose to Michigan but Melendez got his hands on some skywalker OG and had himself a day. Jays take on Penn State next.

4. Cuse

I still think this is a top squad, just need to make sure Mason Kohke is getting his weekly columbian imports on time, and to have hiltz staying away from the heavy labatte blues. Potentially a final 4 team depending on how they close out the season.

3. Army

Despite getting the rebound win, I nearly shit my pants about 8 times thinking they were gonna lose, and not only that I lost my wife paycheck on the spread. Hwoever, UNC appreciated the military so much that they let Army win!

2. Virginia

I'm not sure what the hell was going on with the Hoos for the first 3 and a half quarters, but they figured it out, shoving their balls down Harvards throat, and ripping what I believe was 7 straight to win. Nunes even had a little geno action, maybe he kissed a girl too!

1. Notre Dame

Irish looked unstoppable up until the last about 8 minutes, Uncle Entemann was a brick fucking wall in the cage, I could tell he and Pkav were reading either some Jocko WIllink or Goggins quotes together pregame. Jake Taylor also dragged his balls on the orange per usual. They take on Duke next.

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