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Chetty's week 7 poll: Absolute disaster

First off, I would like to unload on the absolute disaster of the UNC coaching staff, they all need to be fired immediately. With the roster this team has I'm not sure what these guys are doing, is breshci just taking money from the Rothchilds to prevent UNC from winning? Did he have High point ML? Well regardless, his time is up, this dude better be gone from chapel hill the day the season ends or this team will remain in chains. Not to mention how dirty he did Offensive mastermind Dave Metzbower last year. Disgraceful to the program and is only still there because of 2016. Not to mention this scumbag couldn't win a chip with Chris Gray and one of the best midfield lines college lacrosse has ever seen.

HM- Villanova, Princeton (I know they beat Harvard I don't care they still suck)

20. Richmond

This team needs to get going on another heater like last year I mean its pretty evident the boys are not buzzing. St joes is gonna be a tough team to face in the a10 and the spiders need to get going.

19. Colgate

18. Rutgers

17. BU

Terriers looked great Friday night and the stadium was absolutely buzzing I will say. this win made the patriot league a tad bit more interesting but deep down we know army lost on purpose to avoid the unbeaten curse at the end of the year. regardless this game is probably going to be the highlight of BU's program because they are a permanent mid-major.

16. Penn

Quakers are pretty mediocre this year from my analysis, I don't see them as contenders in the Ivy League and honestly I couldn't be happier. Got dominated by st joes and then barely beating Dartmouth and will most likely get shafted by Cornell next. might as well just booze every night and wait until Quinn Whipple gets to campus maybe they'll start winning games.

15. Harvard

Another Mid Ivy League team that is just kind of there I don't think they'll contend for the Ivy I mean Sam King sure can play but they're going to have to beat Cornell to make some noise and I don't see that happening. I also was at a bar with Greg Swisher and there were some Harvard kids present and I didn't hear one convo about elf bars or touching bag. I can only imagine the lax team is the same way.

14. Yale

This team and program is an absolute clown show, the fact that they are number 1 in RPI shows how corrupt that stupid system is. Not to mention they need to start catching way more criticism for not having a single ACC progam scheduled and only 1 from the big ten (which they lost) this team is soft af and met their maker Ryan "My dad makes more money than your dad" Goldstein on Saturday during their loss to cornell.

13. Maryland

I do not know what is going on with this squad, maybe tillman should cop erksa a hellcat with some NIL funds or figure out some strippers for the boys but the offense needs to get humming or else they'll be fighting hard for an at large bid.

12. Denver

11. Michigan

That win Saturday had me absolutely rock hard, Michigan looked how they looked last year and tiernan had himself a game and quite a night at the KKG house. Boehemer finally ripped his elf bar and played like a beauty as well.

10. Quinnipiac

This team is out here not only taking care of business winning games week in and week out but also feeding families by covering the spread. This squad just keeps rolling so much so that Terry Foy was finally put under investigation by the FBI for corruption so he finally put them at 20 which is utterly ridiculous. The cats are contenders and don't be surprised if they make a Memorial Day appearance.

9. Gtown

What do I like about this team? Kade "fuck your bitch" Goldberg, after Coach Warne read my piece about guys in college lax that deserve more burn he finally threw him in and he's been on a tear along with this squad. I haven't lost since week 2 and have continued to buzz expect another big east chip from this crew.

8. Hopkins

Bro honestly Hopkins is in a pretty boring spot right now unless they start playing like they did a few weeks ago give the ball to hunter chauvette let him stand in the pocket and deliver the rocket because they are facing a Michigan team that is buzzing like a bee.

7. Cornell

After becoming Penn States kitten when they lost 20-9 the big red have been playing equsite lacrosse lately although its ivy league teams I still have some respect, Goldstein and forth play with some sty, Kirst is talking to women now and Walker Wallace is a goddamn mack truck.

6. Duke

If Duke didn't have Pat Jameison this squad would be dust, I have heard Uncle Bs dealer ran out of the Alien OG strain and the effects are disastrous. Maybe he should try ripping some K, and maybe Macadory should start playing good lacrosse too. Nonetheless, I don't think they rebounded strongly at all sunday and they have a horned up BU team coming Wednesday.

5. Penn St

Nitts keep taking care of business looked a little shaky at the start and I nearly blew my brains out listening to Mitchell pehlke on the call but they got the job done.

4. Army

Tough loss but it doesn't matter, I can confirm I did see a person wearing BU apparel pour some suspicious looking powder from a baggie into armys gatorade jug, do what you will with that information. Looks like army finally played a bad game but still a top 5 team and contender in my eyes and they are going to punish Coach Breschi and UNC this weekend

3. Virginia

Waiting to see this team in ACC play however before that we get to watch them pillage an Ivy League team this weekend. May be on site for this tilt depending on if I skip my AA meeting or not.

2. Cuse

I'm very high on this team, the defense is a movie, the offense is making things happen, Hiltz is able to sting corners again. They looked incredibly good against Duke and don't forget this team is two plays away from being undefeated.

  1. Notre Dame Absolutely AMPED for this weekend, although Notre Dame has run absolute trains on Cuse for the past 5 times winning by 52 goals total, I think this should be a battle. Early prediction I think Devon "Noise Complaint" Mclane will get into the mix and put on a show. Expect Cousin Dobson to hammer some corners and rip some K with faision on the sideline. If Carc is on the call for this one I might just relapse. We need to talk more about Joe Beninati being on the call for some of these upper-echelon tilts. If he isn't there on championship weekend doing play by I'm gonna throw a fit. Guy is electric.

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