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Chetty's week 4 poll

With a lot of new readers to this blog, I'd like to formally introduce myself, Chet Rutherfurd, Babson attackmen back in 09, after college worked as an analyst at a small firm in Boston, moved out west after a few years and got into a few tech start-ups, ended up returning east after 3 years to New Haven Ct and got a job at a mid-tier firm but still had a sense of emptiness in life. I wanted more and to do something I loved, so I decided to start Upper Decky lacrosse, I was fed up with shitty lacrosse media and decided to start my own. I also enjoy wrestling, sports betting, sailing, Bud light, and playing pitch (zyns as well obv). In the winter you can find me ripping spicy lines in Big sky or Vail with my buddies Chirp and Ponderosa from Babson and sometimes even fellow writer Greg Swisher. In the summer you can find me on the cape with fellow writer Essex Commonwealth drinking IPAs or In the Finger Lakes with a nice Riesling. Now let's get into the rankings.

HM- Princeton, Richmond, Jacksonville, Marist, St Joes

20. Brown

Solid victory royale at Stony Brook this weekend, they face UNC in chapel hill next weekend

19. UMBC

Don't know too much about these guys ngl but they're buzzing solid win over Towson and they face a decaying Delaware team next, expect them to win there and Quint to have them in his top 5

18. Penn

These guys seem to be falling apart offensively, Sam Handley cannot carry because he can't hit the broadside of the barn, run more offense through Gergar and Rubin

17. Syracuse

Heartbreak loss to Duke in OT, this team is held together by Will Mark and if you use the right schemes you can shut their offense down instantly, however, this team has a lot of heart and I'm a fan of Cole Kirst at attack

16. Georgetown

These dudes finally woke up, I guess beating Princeton doesn't say much but Dordevic looked pretty leather and they seemed to be playing better as a team, I expect these dudes to get better as the season goes on

15. North Carolina

These guys are inconsistent as fuck, they sometimes look like a top-ten team, and then other times its a dumpster fire on offense, I haven't been seeing PJ Zynsner getting as much burn as usual maybe that's the problem, this team has a high ceiling I think though.

14. Denver

This team is just running off Alec Stathakis and Malik sparrow and then the rest is just like it's Tierney's last year so they somehow like win games. Like literally they have an offense of like Chel players and Leading edge guys and somehow it works. Good for them I guess. I was impressed by their freshman ssdm Dan Anderson though.

13. Hopkins

Nice win over St Joe's to hold on to the legacy of the fucking program, but they face Virginia next which will be televised murder. However, definitely a turnaround win for this team after their hype started to die.

12. Army

Seemed like the boys were a little hung against Holy Cross wasn't much of a slaughter but they got the job done so it's chill. These guys should have another free win against Lafayette next.

11. Villanova

This team is starting to get hot, Matt Campbell broke the program scoring record in their 15-8 beatdown win over Hofstra, incredible work matt! Great rope play from Prybylski as well, the tooth fairy movie must be the real deal.

10. Ohio State

A great defense, but bro these guys, like holy shit dude, these guys literally don't know how to rip step-downs. Not only that but when Jack Myers gets locked up (Pretty often) these guys are like lost and don't know what to do. That can't happen if they want to avoid being gaped by Chris Fake and co next game

9. Yale

Squad of Ja Morant fake gangsters, Sucker white boy Matt Brandau trying to start fights after the horn, like you not like that big bro. Not really sure what to think of these guys but they play Denver next which should be a good indication of where they stand. Brandau has actually been on a tear though in all seriousness.

8. Loyola

Lackluster performance this past weekend against Lafayette, they play at Duke next which will be a tough game but a winnable one.

7. Penn State

These dudes are tearing up the Ivy League, and not just the players, but the player's girlfriends and moms. Like it's wild. They look to go 3 for 3 next week against Cornell and honestly I'm all in on these guys at this point, they play great team ball and always bring the fight.

6. Rutgers

Mid-performance against Utah this past weekend, not sure how I feel about them up here ngl but it's chill

5. Duke

These guys took my advice and went a little too far, the whole first-line offense was off percs their last game, they hit like 14 pipes and made Will Mark look like Jesus, but style did have great looks so I guess the Offense is working. Kenny Brower looked good on D, they face Loyola at home next and look to avenge last year's loss

4. Cornell

Kirst is the real deal, Coyles good, these guys can sling it on offense and make plays, outside of Adler the defense may be suspect, like 13 goals to Osu lmao. They face Penn State the Ivy League slayers in Ithaca next.

3. Maryland

They sold in the end hard with turnovers and poor shooting, but Cousin Rup looked great in the cage and Murphy and Spanos stepped up big on O, Albany is next on their warpath

2. Notre Dame

They finally did it, Pat taking the torch from his big bro Matty ice to end it, they face O State next which is going to be a slaughter fest. Expect Entemann to beat the shit out of Jack Myers after the game.

1. Virginia

Idk what you want me to say, as the Cavs don't stop. Malnourished Maestro Xander Dickson with 6 goals, Big Country 3 and 3, Scoresheet almost as long as Sandoval's chicks body count. They look to gape Hopkins next.

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