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ND vs Maryland, Triple OT war

Let's be real OT was kind of a fuckfest, but wow. Both teams with great performances, Cousin Rup was dialed in cage for Maryland, Uncle Entemann was playing like a fucking hoss, dude had sveddy in his Gatorade bottle. And what better way to end it with Pkav getting to the middle of the field and giving makar a fucking facial. Ckav had the elf bar in his sock all game with 3 genos and had to remind Dante Trader who his dad is. Dobson was going crazy prolly could've ended it in the first ot off that dodge he had in the first possession I bet a top right upper decky on the run would've gone. The boys mits were dialed though I know Entemann is gonna be in Maltz's girlfriends box tonight. Dobson definitely gonna get the guys going on the plane ride home with some whippits and J Rico is gonna be cheefing the Skywalker og all flight. Great performance from Notre Dame with some terrific D, also defensively stepped up with some cookies in OT. It is an interesting argument for them to be number 1 now I mean fuck but we will find out in two weeks, some of the staff may be on site for that juggernaut matchup at arlotta. Hats off to the Irish for the nice win, I bet the guys are gonna get weird tonight.

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