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Chetty’s week 12 poll, May is for contenders

20. Binghamton

The clip of Sonny Imurgias goal changed my life, best of luck to the bearcats in the America east tournament, I smell a championship weekend run coming

19. Utah

18. Princeton

Best of luck to the tigers in the Ivy League tournament! False. We do not wish them luck.

17. Rutgers

Lost to Maryland, season is now over.

16. Richmond

Zynwaarton nominee Dalton Young and the Spiders are rolling and look to keep their tournament hopes alive against Umass

15. Syracuse

Tough loss to end the season for the orange, if it truly is the end then the orange have a bright future

13. North Carolina

12. Army

Mickey Mouse rigged loss to Boston U, Black Knights will prove it in the playoffs

11. Villanova

Mickey Mouse loss as well, Handsome Reid and Co will be back in the Big east tourney

10. Denver

9. Michigan

Beat O state twice in a row and Boehmer piped Pehlkes mom again, great work fellas

8. Georgetown

Turned on the tape and watched these guys and wasn't the most impressed.

7. Cornell

Big Red, more like Big Frauds, poor performance being taken to OT by Princeton

6. Maryland

Milkman Makar scored a geno in their win, terps are looking amped up going into Big ten playoffs

5. Hopkins

4. Penn State

3. Notre Dame

Tough one for the Irish, midfield play wasn't strong enough to get the dub.

2. Virginia

Nunes played well, Zynn was an animal, Chizonurface was eating hits and scoring genos, guys looked fantastic.

  1. Duke

Looked incredible this past weekend, strong defense, strong offense, played incredible against Cuse and look to run a train on Merrimack next.

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