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Chetty’s week 1 rankings

20. Quinnipiac

Hell fucking yeah. Americas team was back and ran an absolute train on shitty St. John's. I mean it was electric the Donnery boys putting the defense in a blender and even Luke Hendricks netting a geno. Just absolutely great to see.

19. Loyola

18. North Carolina

Not even sure where to start but I was pissed watching this game these boys need to wake up. Should be hanging at least 25 on Mercer.

17. Delaware

16. Richmond

Boys got after it this weekend and ran a train on Bobby Mo, also looks like Aiden O'Neil did some reading on here and maybe ripped a whippit or two, wild performance didn't know he was capable of doing anything other than turning the ball over. Great work fellas.

15. BU

14. Yale

13. Princeton

12. Rutgers

Great offense however the tendy and defensive play needs to improve big time. Can't be allowing 12 genos to stony Brook.

11. Penn State

Boys bounced back thank god, you love to see it. Road to 11-1 starts now.

10. Cornell

9. Michigan

I still think this is a top ten team, it's just uva is that good and they weren't prepared schematically or physically. But this team has a bunch of dawgs that can get looks on the net and make some electric plays.

8. Hopkins

7. Army

Shaky win Saturday, I'm sure the boys will figure it out. Definitely gonna need some better play from the tendy and the offense.

6. Denver

Honestly can't put them here with confidence. Suspect win against Air Force highly likely this team could be fraudulent.

5. Cuse

First test coming up against Maryland that'll determine if this is just a typical Cuse team that rips ched on dusters or one that can make the tournament.

4. Maryland

Big win Saturday I'm not even gonna lie I had my doubts but the man Log "fuck your bitch" Mcnaney made me and my colleagues eat our words. I think this teams defense is a bunch of dawgs however I'd like to see some more action from the office like we should be hanging 15 on loyola at least especially considering last years result. Big game this week against Cuse.

3. Notre Dame

2. Duke

Can this squad play a real fucking team man, I mean these games are so fucking boring. However looks like we won't see that until march. Expect this team to fuck around and drop a game this February. Without starting helm, the defense is suspect. I mean I'm not sure how you don't start a guy who was the only reason you were still somewhat in a game for the natty. Disgraceful to see honestly.


I mean what can I say, this team is just a bunch of absolute weapons man. Incredible performance defensively, I'm not sure what the Michigan coach was saying about the acc being a bunch of pretty boys I mean half of this team has a horse cock. These boys were so dialed King Shelly didn't even have to do shit all game, I saw dude ripping some of Chase Yagers Fortnite OG during a timeout. Great performance

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