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Chetty’s tournament team rankings

Updated: May 10, 2023

First off, congratulations to all the conference winners except Bryant. Great job fellas. I'd also like to point out how much of an abomination the committee is, I mean Terps as the 4 seed? Are you serious my brotha?

17. Yale

This team shouldn't even be here. Denver should be in over them, hell even Cuse. Now before you say ohhhh uh head to head matchup uhh more top 20 wins. Uh no, this team has gotten rinsed 4 times this season, and their only good wins are Denver and Villanova. And the Villanova game was bullshit, Jack Cerza told me that the Yale team manager stole all their diet Snapple and elf bars. Not to mention these guys literally got gaped by Princeton yesterday. Go Hoyas.

16, Bryant

Johnny Hackett is a beauty that's it.

15. Marist

These guys are electric, I watched the maac chip and it was a movie. These guys sting corners and eat box like it's nobody's business. Don't be suprised if the foxes make a run.

14. Utah

All I know is that they're probably Mormon, apparently they can score goals I guess we'll see.

13. Delaware

12. Richmond

This team was a movie in the a10 playoffs, Zynwaarton canidate Dalton Young was putting on a show, along with Lance Madonna and certified Stallion Derrek Madonna. Everyone on this roster loves Blondes and drinks like a fish. Except Aiden O'Neil, that kid needs an elf bar and some whippits.

11. Princeton

Canadian cannon Jake Stevens went off in the Ivy League playoffs, however they may be hot they still have gotten the business from every out of conference opponent.

10. Army

Knights are buzzing, the usual suspects Reese Burek, Evan Plunkett, Jake Morin, Pauly Johnson, Aj Pilate, and Bennett Ong tore up the patriot league. I may be smelling an upset over Maryland for these guys.

9. Cornell

I mean, Yale ran a train on these guys, I think that says enough on where they stand currently, however they have a high ceiling but they're getting bounced first round.

8. Hopkins

Ruppel had a day on these guys last Thursday, didn't look the best, Marcille literally couldn't make a save for his life but they'll still beat Bryant.

7. Maryland

Lot of people hating on Tillman for the handshake thing but honestly I'm with it. If you can't be the best, be the worst.

6 Georgetown

This team figured it out, they've ran a train on the big east in the tournament and are gonna run a train on yale as well. Shoutout to Redshirt sophomore beauty and Zynwaarton nominee Kade Goldberg.

5. Penn St

Not really sure what happened against Michigan, boys were prolly a little hung, but I have them going to the final 4. Studs like Persian Panther Jack Fracyon, Uncle Jack Posey, Cousin Mullins, 2 pump Winkoff, the list goes on

4. Michigan

Wolverines are electric, everyone's playing out of their minds. Boehmer, Zawada, St Ants legend Jake Bonomi, Manhasset legend Aiden Mulholland, I think these guys kind of got screwed over being put in Dukes bracket, however you never know with this nailgun squad.

3. Notre Dame

2. Virginia

This teams going to the chip, lock it in. Squads too loaded, King Shelly, Big Country Cormier, Malnourished Maestro Xander Dickson, Zynwaarton favorite Evan Zynn, Mcconvey, Shutzy, Truitt "water" Sunderland. I mean you can go on and on. Most experienced team and the only team on the other side of the bracket stopping them from winning is Duke.

  1. Duke

Self explanatory

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