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Chet's weekend preview: Nd vs Maryland, Cuse vs Duke and more

Big weekend for a lot of teams, Georgetown could fall to 0-4, Cornell could prove a point and beat Ohio State, and Cuse could fall to 3-3 but I mean fuck I guess we'll see. Gonna be some great games and a lot of blowouts like Army should legally not be allowed to play HC, like holy cross is like a wounded gazelle and Army is like a pride of hungry lions

UNC vs Denver, 11 am

Unc coming into this game after giving the Syracuse defense a fucking facial last week and Denver comes in off a close win over a tough Merrimack team. I like Unc -2.5 seems like a pretty solid bet especially if McGovern is off the Skywalker OG. Their sophomore class seems to be starting to emerge as the number 1 recruiting class that they were called.

Cornell vs Ohio State, 12 pm

I think this is gonna be a boring ass like 9-6 game or some shit considering Ohio State's entire team is their defense. Cornell seems to be turning up as of late But I mean Cj Kirst is basically scoring every fucking geno. I'm sure he'll do his pregame call with brother Connor to discuss their faith. Give me Cornell to win this Ohio states offense literally can't do anything I bet if you threw the Brunswick schools starting 6 out there they would score more goals. Excited to see Bobby van Buren vs Kirst though, turns out I was wrong that dude is him he's been playing incredibly lately. Despite this I expect that crazy motherfucker Gavin Adler to pipe some o states player's mom. Wonder if pehlke will include that shit in his gameday vlog.

Princeton vs Georgetown, 1 pm

I know some Georgetown guys read my blog from last weekend, hopefully, they fucking do something, maybe cheef the elf bar or win a FUCKING GAME. Holy shit, anyways I can't confidently say gtown will win this but I can say that James Reilly will gape Tyler Sandoval at the faceoff dot. But I'm telling you guys the dudes on Georgetown don't really give fucks, they just wanna post ig stories while golfing and like try to land an investment banking job. Their coach Kevin Warne literally was pounding fucking aspirin in the post-game presser like what the fuck are these dudes doing. Anyways at this point, I just hope they can win a damn game, especially against those scumbags on Princeton.

Notre dame vs Maryland, 1 pm

This is what we've been waiting for, biggest game of this weekend, and whatever team wins is gonna do some crazy shit after. Great matchups all around the field, Trader vs Dobson, makar vs Pkav, Ajax vs Ckav I mean the list goes on. Maryland seems to have improved and looks strong and Notre Dame almost looks unstoppable. I'm taking Notre Dame by two goals but it really could go either way. I just hope Cousin Dobson stings some corners and takes a bird home that night after a hard-fought win.

Penn State vs Penn, 3 pm

I'm taking the nail guns out of state college for this game. Guys like Uncle Posey you know are putting the clamps on Sam Handley, dude can't handle being chirped on here how are u gonna handle the 6'1 205 Virginia hs lax legend coming at you with no mercy for 4 quarters. Idk sam maybe get some thick skin and chicks your own age. Anyways cousin mullins at the faceoff dot should perform, got the Traynor brothers causing havoc on O with Bing legend Kev Winkoff. Gonna be a close and tough game but I'm sure Coach Tambroni can do it, let's go Nitts. I mean sure Cam Rubin and Gergar are great players but it doesn't matter if Handley goes 1/15 with a billion turnovers.

Virginia vs Richmond, 7 pm

I mean like Richmond did pull off the upset last year but with uva red hot right now you can't bet against them. Shelly lowkey got clamped last weekend and hasn't jerked off all week so you know he's dialed and coming to play. The slender sensation, slim reaper, malnourished maestro Xander Dickson ready to tear it up. Big Country on O is ready to use his sneaky athleticism and that crafty finishing. You got the other slim sensation the freshman Truitt Sunderland who's starting to heat up. I think he and Dickson might need to take a trip to the dining hall with big country, I bet it'd help them out a lot. I still expect Richmond to fight though, with Dalton Young, Dgrizz, Lance Madonna, and Luke Grayum they're coming to play. These Richmond guys have sending in their blood and the UVA guys seem a little tame to that in season. Expect this game to be a grind for uva and should make a great watch before the ufc card starts.

Quinnipiac vs Merrimack, 12 pm Sunday

Lowkey America's Team vs Americas team, been seeing some QU slander on Twitter, that unfunny PLL industry plant ass account Nationals lacrosse club was trying to rip on their Jerseys, I let him have it in the thread. This is going to be a great game and I will definitely be watching. Tellers and Germaine stinging corners, Dimuccio making great saves in the cage, spin woodcock on the rotation for some midfield runs. Merrimack has got guys like Jack Rooney and Brian Russell both out of the ferda hotbed of Long Island. That said I like the bobcats and stallion Ethan Mcgerald to rebound after a tough loss to the cheating scumbags on Bryant and get a nice dubski.

Duke vs Syracuse, 4 pm Sunday

I'm not gonna lie I love the orange in this game especially since it's at the dome but, if duke is cheefing the elf bar it might be scary hours. I mean they looked like a completely different team. They were sharing the rock, cousin gray and uncle Stephenson playing great defense, and you can't forget about SLU legend Will helm. When he hits that strawberry banana he says it feels like he's playing fucking rocket league on the field. They'll have to hit up that one vape store on marshall street the night before. You can't forget about cuse tho, Spallina, uncle Kirst, and cookie just to name a few. I mean their man-up is fuckign dialed, and the set offense could use some work and improvement but they're playing duke in the dome so expect them to show out. It's just can they win faceoffs against that maniac Jake Naso, I mean that guy is fucking crazy, I heard his secret is ghost energy drink and svedka and he throws two scoops of bucked-up woke af in there. Excited to watch this game and have my dick pointed at the ceiling, lots of talent on both offenses.

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