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Chet's week one nail guns

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Christian Mulé (Lehigh)

This beauty out of Lehigh dropped 10 points on Fairfield's heads,4g 6a, and probably an even better performance with the ladies that night. Lehigh comes in at an honorable mention in our week one poll, but these Ghost energy drink-svedka mixers are on the rise.

Payton Cormier (UVA)

The big fella out of Oakville Ontario had 5 Ginos and 2 apples leading Virginia to a hard-fought win over Michigan. Big-time finisher but buddy was dishing it as well, not sure if he got action with the ladies but I could guarantee you that he challenged all the freshmen to a wrestling match in the locker room post-game. Great stuff this week Payton!

Anthony Datellas (Hobart)

The upstate native had 7 goals by the first half and added an assist in the second half. Expect to see this guy consistently on the statesmen scoresheet. I bet the guys had a great time in Geneva post-game. NAIL-GUN.

Ryan Schreiber (Michigan)

The Connecticut caveman dominated despite the loss to number 1 Virginia. Layed the lumber, ran through the pocket, and delivered the rocket, this nailgun finished with 2 goals and our respect. Watch out for the Wolverines this year.

Matt Campbell (Villanova)

I am willing to bet this guy mixed a ghost with some svedsky before the game because this guy put on a show. 4 Ginos and a win over a big 10 opponent, great stuff for the cats. Hopefully Stelios got it on video.

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