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Chet’s Week 8 Poll

HM- Syracuse, Umass, Delaware

20. Binghamton

4 straight for the bearcats, these guys are on fire

19. Drexel

Another dubski for the dragons, they take on Stony Brook next

18. Princeton

I saw they beat Brown unfortunately enough, they still suck

17. Rutgers

Frauds plain and simple

16. Ohio State

Not even sure why I have these guys ranked

15. Penn

Congrats on barely beating a team that doesn't play defense, however at least Sam Handley started to hit his stride so congrats I guess

14. Denver

Tough L against Gtown, take on Villanova next

13. Loyola

12. Michigan

Great win this weekend obviously, these guys might actually be nice and really shake things up in the big ten, or not

11. Villanova

Rebounded after a tough L against St John's, I just wish Stelios took a 5th than this team would be unstoppable

10. Georgetown

5 straight wins now but honestly no one really cares

9. Army

Another win for the Black Knights over a tough Bucknell team, they have another easy one against colgate next

8. Penn State

These guys put on a damn clinic against Penn State and reminded us they are still legit, Shoutout to Uncle Posey, hope you can still have kids after that nut shot

7. North Carolina

These guys were off this week, heard they did some "team building activities" in the Sorority houses.

6. Maryland

Didn't catch much of this game so I'm not too sure what really happened, to be honest these guys were probably just hung over and will be back next weekend

5. John's Hopkins

9-3 pretty good, I think Pete Milliman saved himself from unemployment this year, these guys could definitely win the big ten

4. Cornell

Gave up 10 goals to Dartmouth, Disgraceful!

3. Virginia

Seems like the Defense just doesn't seem to show up some games but I heard Lars sent the whole unit on a darkness retreat this weekend so expect them to come back dialed, also I heard King Shelly sat behind his apartment practicing his patented overhand stepdown for 5 hours after being held to 0 goals against Duke

2. Notre Dame

Interesting performance this weekend, not really sure what to make of it but I do know they will probably beat Duke this weekend, it's just the way the acc works


Incredible performance defensively and Offensively, Garrett Leadmon is playing like a top 4 midfielder in the country and obviously Brennan O'Neil is Brennan O'Neil, but let's see if they get hit with the number 1 curse or not.

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