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Chet’s week 11 poll

20. Utah

19. Princeton

18. Richmond

Spiders have been rolling through the A10 after their fraud loss to St Joes, expect these guys to win the conference

17. Rutgers

16. Delaware

15. Penn

14. North Carolina

Had some good moments against Notre Dame but got dog walked nonetheless, they're going to have to beat them next game if they want a shot at the tournament

13. Syracuse

Tough loss, still a good team but just not in that upper tier

12. Michigan

Solid win over O state, gave up a suspicious amount of goals but it's probably chill

11. Villanova

See my most recent blog post

10. Denver

9. Army

Black Knights showed out and dominated Navy, Aj Pilate, Reese Burek, the usual suspects going on a tear

8. Cornell

Bro this is the most overrated team, Kirst gets locked up the week before against Army so he pads his stats against Disney world ivy defense with 6g and 3 assists

7. Georgetown

The Hoyas might've figured it out, even though Kade Goldberg wasn't getting burn they gaped Loyola and looked better than ever

6. Maryland

Lots of people calling the terps a bubble team on Twitter, I say you're a fucking idiot, but it will be weird if they don't win the big 10 and have 5 losses heading into the NCAA tournament

5. Hopkins

I think they're finally back, if you look at it one way they were one overtime from going undefeated in the Big 10. Melendez is a beast and Brooks English gets weird in the sauna

4. Penn State

Not much to say here... Uncle Malone seems to be gearing up to takeover in the Postseason, and I'm all for it

3. Virginia

Pretty solid win for the Hoos, Nunes looked better and Cormier and Dickson led the way. I'm not really sure what King Shelly has been up too dudes on field presence is kind of underwhelming lately maybe he needs some Alien OG

2. Duke

  1. Notre Dame

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