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Army vs Syracuse: Thoughts from Greg and Chetty

Alright, these refs were fucking disabled. Pretty sure they called my summer league games but could be wrong. 3 fuckin lunch ladies running around in heels for a top 10 tilt. Makes sense NCAA. Neither team even benefited in my eyes just all around autism. I hope these refs see this because I fucking hate them. That possession call at the end of the first half might’ve been the stupidest fucking thing I’ve seen since the wnba. Brittany Griner and paul Rabil will be best friends by the end of the year, guarantee it.

Army is fucking gross. Colletti is the best fogo in the country hands down. That 34 year old for Maryland is the only one that may compete. Aj Pilate shoved his fist down Spallinas throat all game, give Pilate the rank of colonel upon graduation I want that guy leading our fuckin platoons. Pilate is someone we have not talked about enough for Army, well AJ, you’re invited to my mansion on the cape this summer. NAILGUN NAILGUN NAILGUN. Man rocket of the week award for sure. On offense the big guns showed up big time. Burek snorts chili powder pregame I’m almost 90% sure. You don’t see that burn everyday. Plunks and Morin are beauties all around the field and Game winner, Goblin Eicher had himself  a night. Cannot forget, don’t test chesster, buddy has a mean waffle iron. Hope they get the god damn pizza slice MREs this week. Bennet Ong is the coolest guy in the country by far. Eamon Murphy wins gritty player of the game for sure. Felt like that guy was fucking everywhere. Army is winning it all this year fuck everyone else. All black unis should be worn every game no matter what, just gets the nuts feelin all jibbly. ARs, Marlboro reds, and some Jack Daniel’s, get it hummin gents.

Chets thoughts:

Im not sure what the fuck spallina was thinking or if it was all the fuckin genos against shitters and forgot he was up against a real american who eats nails for breccy, kid got put in an absolute seatbelt all game. I mean being held to a pathetic 2 assists and selling in OT because he wanted some ig highlights for more aphi box. This kid needs to show up in these games if cuse wants to win anything ever. English and Buttwistle looked solid but they can’t be your go to every time down. Serious work needs to be done for the orange, can’t blow two home OT games against top 10 teams if you’re gonna be a serious contender. They have the talent but good lord just play some normal lacrosse once in a while, relax with the ferda btb shit.


Greg and Chet.

-From Chets house in Nantucket.

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