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Army Lacrosse: A look at the grittiest team in the nation

Well my colleague Marcus called it earlier, the wagner game is going to get out of hand and he sure was right. Army fucked up wagner like I fuck up a 6er of voodoo rangers on a Friday night. These guys were playing with absolute intensity, Paul Johnson led the team with 2 genos and five apples, fairport legend Reese Burek, Evan Plunket, and Ryan Sposito also added three points. Was excited to see Bville hero the Italian stallion Mike Tangredi on the scoresheet with a geno. Can't forget about Will Coletti being absolute leather at the faceoff dot going 20/23 today and 19/30 against Rutgers. Now these guys aren't the drippiest, but they definitely play the hardest, laying hits on every gb, fighting for every backup, always going 100%. Alberici always instilling a culture like this year in and year out (I mean ig it can't be that hard they are fucking soldiers) but these guys should be able to cruise the next three weeks and then they face lehigh for their second test after a fluke loss to Umass. I'm loving West Point this year and I think it's going to be between them and loyola in the patriot league race. Not sure if you guys saw the clips in the locker room after the Rutgers game on their insta but it sure did fire me up, not sure what these Nailguns are allowed to do on campus to celebrate maybe they fired some lmgs or something I'm not sure but I bet the boys had fun and they deserve it!

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