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Americas Team: Quinnipiac Season Preview

It's that time again, the upper decky team is beginning a series where we'll give a preview of the college teams we like the most heading into spring. And no better way to start out with the team that skyrocketed this company to the top; The Quinnipiac Bobcats. I will never forget the electricity of the cats win over brown, star midfielder Jake tellers was buzzing like a fucking bee and stinging corners down the alley. Mooch the gooch was a brick fucking wall in the cage, and Ethan Mcgerald and Tommy Andruzzi were just hitting blinkers on the sideline. Hopefully the Cats can recreate some of that magic into the postseason and not get 27 hung on them in the maac playoffs. Starting out with some key incoming freshman we got Cole Marsala out of Mount Sinai. This guy is an absurd nic fiend and a pure gunslinger who I believe will have instant impact due to his gritty public school background. With Marsala in the mix, and the cats returning some MAAC legends in Jake Tellers and Dylan Donnery on offense get ready to watch these boys hang 20 on fucking wagner after that rigged loss last year, we know the wagner trainer roofied their gatorade jug. Some more key returners are Adam Woodcock, Ethan Mcgerald and Evan Miner. All of our models predict these three will have breakout years and be some of the best players in the country and lead the cats to glory. Quinnipiac lacrosse is known as "the show" for a reason. It's everything you can ask for, electric wins, miller lite, zyns, elf bars, plastic bottle vodka, conneticut blondes, and some good old grit. HQ and I are big fans of the boys over in Hamden CT and as an avid Quinnipiac fan myself I'm excited for a big year. That said my final prediction is Maac chip easily and maybe some ncaa tournament magic.

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