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5 guys I believe deserve more burn

Kade Goldberg, Georgetown-M/A

Florida jit Kade, you may have seen his handsome face featured in one of our beauties posts on instagram, but I think this kid could be a beast. Despite his smaller stature, this kid made things happen at Deerfield when they went undefeated and finished number 1 in the nation and was named a Ua All American. Along with this, he wheels straight rockets, on his instagram it may appear he has a girlfriend but I've heard reports from teammates on the weekends Killer Kade can often be found at the hottest DC clubs tearing it up. If I had to compare Goldie to a player in sports, I think Stetson Bennet is a perfect match. I think Killa Kade could be a force to be reckoned with for the Hoyas, hopefully coach Warne takes notes.

Tucker Mullen, Virginia-M/A

Another Florida phenom, Tucker came out of Taft and redshirted his Freshman year. Tuckers tape out of highschool was absolutely filthy but this year has not seen much action for the cavaliers considering their stacked roster. I believe Tucker could fit in great if given some more burn out of the midfield, he's described by his teammates as one of the grittiest individuals on the roster, the type of guy to take the fall and hook up with the uglier friend and leave you with a 10. I think this mentality could translate to the field and give UVA a different type of edge on offense.

Jack Cerza, Villanova-M

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you know I'm quite high on Jack "jackhammer" Cerza. That is because this guy in his Delbarton glory days would sling absolute rockets. I recall finding myself at their game against Seton Hall Prep and when I saw Jack shoot, I teared up. His shooting stroke was almost identical to mine at Babson. I could see him fitting into some schemes with Nova, initiate with the big draws, Matt Campbell or Pat Daly, draw the slides and let Cerza's hammer take it away. I think it could give their offense an extra flair that they haven't seen since man up specialist Stelios Kroudis.

Jordan Vincent, Syracuse-Lsm

A beauty out of British Columbia, this kid is really just an O middie with a long pole. His senior year at Img he put up like 29 points as an Lsm and was throwing btbs. Although Cuse has a great lsm in Alexo, I think Vincent is just a nailgun and can make things happen. I have literally heard he has been staying the night in the sorority houses too much and had to run some extra sprints. I think that adds a different element, the guy with so called "discipline" loses to the person that'll party hard but work even harder.

PJ Zynsner, Unc-M

A guy similar to Cerza, this guy has a howitizer. The Gonzaga gremlin started the season off strong, standing in the pocket, delivering the rocket, him and McGovern were a fantastic 1-2 punch. However Breschi has seemed to shift away from Zynsner the past few games, despite my efforts I could not get in contact with him about why. But Zynsner has been working and been a respectful young man, when going into games he realizes he doesn't have to drop 7 goals, more of a we guy. You can't teach stuff like that and I love it, but I'd love to see him unleash hell on goalies in the acc, I hope he gets that opportunity.

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