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Why Notre Dame should be a unanimous #2

I mean when I saw some of these polls and saw the Irish at you know 7, 5 I was just shocked I had to rip an American spirit to contain myself from going on my burner and going to town in the comment sections. Regardless though it's unheard of, the Irish have run probably one of the greatest styles of play I've ever seen, just all gas no breaks. I mean these dudes don't give a FUCK, in the 4th quarter these dudes are still killing people on the ride up by 12. This is why they're a great team to bet on, and I just wish they had an Ivy scheduled. Regardless it's looking like Pat Kavanaugh and Chris Kavanaugh are the two most electric players in the nation, they're always competing with each other, whether who scores the cooler goal or who goes home with the hotter chick at the bar. I can't forget about Eric Dobson, I think this guy will end up a unainmous first-teamer at the end of the year, his shooting has been on point and his downhill dodging is probably top 3 in the country. He and Brian Tevlin both in the midfield is a match-up nightmare. Taft product Jeffery Ricciardelli has also been getting active in the offense and has served as a worthy replacement for Jake Taylor, he and Chris reunited is great to see, rumor has it these guys both hooked up with Harvard goalie Adam Blind's girlfriend after shitting on him in the Geico National Showcase. They have all the great pieces of a National Championship team except I think they could improve a bit at the face-off dot. That said with all these pieces in the offense and Liam Entemann as starting tendy you can't tell me tik tok boy Tyler Sandoval and Princeton are better than these guys.

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