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St John’s sons Gonzaga, wins WCAC for the third time in a row

St Johns prep, a bunch of DC nailguns that talk shit, win games(usually), rip ched, and shit on Gonzaga. I mean just look at the picture, you can already tell this was a bit of a forced fondeling. After beating them twice last year with ease they continued their streak with an 11-10 win in the championship. The cadets were absolutely buzzing in this game, Michigan commit Jackie Weller went 16/24 on faceoffs and had 11 gbs and a geno, safe to say he made Gonzaga's fogo his cum dumpster. This kids an absolute animal, wolverines are getting a stud who likes to get weird and win faceoffs. Ryan "daddy's money" Duenkel, number 1 2024 on IL verbal to Virginia (he's flipping to Quinnipiac) had a geno and three apples in the dub and had a call with Connor Shellenberger postgame to discuss their faith. St. John's Maryland 2024 commit John Draley matched Duenkels stat line and hit some hard cellys. Also, can't forget about the Cadets star player, Caleb "big tasty" Fyock, won madlax player of the game, talked a ton of shit, and backed it up. I heard after saving one of Jack Leland's shots he shouted "Hold my nuts bitch" and proceeded to chirp him all night. Not too sure how savy Fyock is with the women but I wouldn't be suprised if he gave a Gonzaga mom the Big Tasty special. Just wish he wasn't headed to Ohio State. Now for the Eagles, they've got a lot to work on, especially Griffin Dabbs, like cmon buddy we can't be sending ab pics in 2023. Johnny Gardiners gonna have to develop a right hand as well, maybe if they put some girls in the school it'll help em out. Anyways, congrats to the Cadets! Cheers!

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