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Public schools continue to rise up: Darien downs Bruinswick

The coal mine kids continue to show up, first Victor, now Darien. Showing the trust fund, white collar, Goldman Sachs, prep school kids who really is doing the dirty work and who doesn't have soft hands. Darien went up 8-3 at the half and stayed strong to pull off the dubski. The Blue Wave, led by Brady Pokorny who is probably the number 1 2024 at this point. Does Brady play lacrosse, Yes, does Brady get chicks yes, Does Brady get Chicks because he plays lacrosse, maybe. This kids been on a tear, ripping ched with his patented jump shot for two games straight now. Honestly, all this success from the Blue Wave comes to no suprise, they've got two studmuffins heading to Bucknell and I've heard all these guys do is smoke darts, mine coal, and work 120 hour unpaid shifts. I've already been hearing some things from the conny guys about the celebrations taking place, something about having some "blue wave sodas". Anyways, I've heard after this loss Luke Hublitz and Leo Hoffman have been laying together in bed watching highlights of the masters and surfing tinder. I did see Luke Hublitz voting for the masters instead of adderall and doing whippits, that choice seems to have paid its dividend. Regardless, shout-out to the boys on the Blue Wave, great win for public schools across the nation! Cheers!

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