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MIAA lacrosse!

The MIAA is the epitome of high school prep lacrosse, and ECD Greg making highlights for every game since the dawn of time has been the catalyst of this leagues internet popularity. I’m also looking to help out my nephew, Dexter Meadowcroft, who will be going to prep the next few years, to decide on a school. He is currently into the Magic tree house books but I think he is definitely division 1 caliber and will pan out to be a Big 10 or ASUN type player. Once his balls drop and he stops eating staples and crayons he’ll be at First Class Lacrosse sessions 7 days a week. Not sure where Dexter will land but over the next few weeks I'll be exploring the possibilities of different prep schools for his future, all across the country. This week we're starting off strong with the MIAA.

Boys Latin

If I could relive my high school days, I would want to do it within the confines of the Boys Latin School. These guys are the smallest MIAA school if I recall correctly, and are an all boys school. The lakers have impressed me the past few years, and have been a perennial powerhouse in the MIAA conference. I would have preferred them to stick to the CPX-R helmets, those were peak tilt and sty, but I guess safety was a priority and they had to upgrade. Loved watching my boy Winston Chodnicki’s videos, I think he’s at Colorado College now. He’s probably the most diverse person there being a ginger. Nonetheless he makes some fire highlights. His Dom Pietramala freshman highlights were so tuff that I busted when he hit the wrist flick on beat. Michael Ubriaco’s 2018 highlights are up there too, and so was 2018 Brendan Grimes. BL breeds dawgs, and I can’t wait to see them get turnt this year.

Calvert hall

Led by lacrosse legend Bryan Kelly, these guys churn out high caliber players like no other. Not sure whats up with the kelly family though, we got Daniel and Jacob, but JK, somethings a little different about him. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Lots of these guys play for FCA maryland for club, however, when I was visiting my good pal Ralph in Towson, I saw these boys doing some unholy things. Like bro, hooking up with your friends hot mom isn’t in the Bible. Nonetheless these boys are prepared for college life, on the field, in the classroom, and on the weekends.


The entirety of my knowledge of the Severn school comes from watching Aloysius Edits on youtube, he dropped a docuseries last year that I really fucked with. I have extreme erectile dysfunction but the sideline angles of Jacob Todd fondling his defender made me stiffen up for the first time in awhile. They have some ballers like that one bastard who chunked up McCabe like a piece of steak last year, I think his name was Kijana Lloyd. Nick Sotirapolos or however you spell his greek name is sick too, can’t wait to watch him join his brother at Hobart next year. Cousin Aloysius really brought the admirals up to the top of my list, I can’t wait to watch his docuseries the rest of this season.


I hear top 10 IL recruit Mac “Macdaddy” Christmas has transferred here from Georgetown prep. He joins stud defender AJ Marsh, who will have to match up in practice against a stacked offense of Luke Miller flanked by the Millon brothers. These guys are the reigning champs of the MIAA and might not get touched this year. McCabe millon might explode for like 200 points before celebrating his 21st birthday this spring, and possibly could break the all-time McDonough body record too. Lars tiffany is getting a good one.

Loyola Blakefield

These guys got a sick ass field, and I’m pretty sure ECD greg went here too. AJ Larkin and Billy Dwan put the clamps on teams last year, and got with every girl on Glenelg Country’s roster. Not too sure what else to say about these boys, but they make blue and yellow look great.

St Mary's

Lots of shiesty little fuckers on this team, I hear they love to get nasty with inner city Baltimore girls. They don’t give a fuck at all. They got sick mesh jerseys and drink like a pack of orcas.

st Paul's

I hear these guys have a strict no drink policy during the season, so they cheef the fuck out of elf bars and nic. Zyn is only one letter away from zen, so these guys all love to pack upper deckys pregame to ease the jitters. Love my boys Hee-Cheol Shin, a great LSM, and Luke Bair, possibly one of the best 2025s in the Nation.


My old pal Sigmund had a buddy whose son went here, I think his name was Charlie Pope who is now at UVM. Listed at 6ft 240, this guy is a hunk of meat, but can get to 5 and 5 like nobody’s business. Love what the Gilman hounds get done every year, they always seem to win sneaky games sporting their Rival helmets. Certified beauty and new addition to the Tewaarton watch list Dutch Furlong went here, I only have good things to say about Gilman.

Archbishop Spalding

Pretty sure these guys fucked around and got to the MIAA final a few years back, I remember watching the highlights against BL. Im pretty sure thats when Pietramala left Hopkins, because he was there giving Boys Latin a pregame hype speech that had me ready to run through a brick wall. Spalding lost in a close game, maybe they would’ve won if they hadn’t worn bright pink shooters under their white jerseys. Mikey Weishaar almost won it for them, but bad sty lost them this one. Not sure how they’ll be this year but please get better drip.

John carroll

I got confused when I saw this and thought it Division 3 team from ohio. Like actually please get more original with your names. I dont really know much about these guys but they probably wear tight pants and drink Michelob ultra on their free time.

Mount st Joseph

These guys sound out place here, sorta sound like they could be a public school. I remember watching my nephew Tyger play against Zingoes in the summer club circuit, that team had a ton of MSJ guys on it. None of them really impressed me and I don’t think they really fuck. I hear they send hard though and don’t show up to class, which I admire.

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