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Is Syracuse already a wagon?

After taking a sabbatical from the firm, I am back. I got the chance to speak to some insightful sources who gave me a very in depth scoop for the fellas in orange this year. Don't forget that the upper Decky lax store is closing on November 6th forever. Go buy shirts, hats, flags, posters, whatever the fuck you want. Code FERDA for $5 of a t shirt. Link is in our instagram bio. Enjoy this read.

Overall I really like this team. Cuse's success has been largely impacted by their transfers and I don't expect this year to be different. Lots of expectations from a lot of guys that they'll be lacing up Memorial Day weekend, and truth be told I believe it.


Hiltzy and Spallina will start, but the third spot is up for grabs between Greg Elijah brown (occ legend), Thomson, and Mulé in my humble opinion. Thomson or Greg would be classic righty finishers to compliment Hiltz and spallina with that Canadian box flare that has Gait rubbing his pants a little bit. Wouldn't be surprised to see Mulé at X and Spallina on the right to build a 2 quarterback system that makes difficult to guard. All in all, this attack is dangerous and I've even heard rumors that hiltz and mulé hit an Eiffel Tower on a Sigma Phi rocket. That's chemistry.


Jake Stevens might be the best player on the field at all times. Insane pickup for the orange and he seems like the glue that will hold together a shaky in between the lines orange team from last year. not sure where Mule/Greg/ Thomson will end up but two will probably come out of the box. Expect Birtwistle Deere Leo English and Rhoa to work together to fill the void of Stallion workhorse griffin cook's absence. I like Wyatt Hottle in this role, a little bundle of joy who looks up at chicks and scores down the alley with ease. Also, an anonymous confidant of mine saw Crishawn Hunter at Mr orange getting a 30 rack of labatts, and judging from that I think Pat March will have him straddling a 3rd midfield line to get some experience.

Defensive midfield :

Saam olexo , matt wright, Stephen Schmitt all are high level LSMs that have a ton of experience and will certainly help the faceoff woes from last year. Not sure how quickly Schmitt will be able to get up to pace with ACC level play as well as the ACC level broads at his disposal but expect Olexo to start on the wings with wright next up. SSDM gets a bump with the addition of Jake Titus but loses calf stud Brandon aviles. Carter rice and Trujillo are pretty good too. I like Jake Stevens on the wing for his transition prowess. Sageder goes down to SSDM after word got out that he pissed all over a sorority on his official visit. Don't get it twisted though the LSMs are gonna shine.


The orange still have canisius's finest in Johnny Richiusa but added Mason Kohn and Johnny Mullen, two absolutely leather dudes who can really clamp the ball. Jack Fine was sneaky last year but not sure if he'll repeat the impact he had. Paul lamonaca, if you're reading this, I enjoyed your Spotify playlist. Fogos are weird and hopefully this group of dudes can win some fuckin draws this year. That is all.


Between Caccamo, Dwan, Beck, Figueiras, Kol, Kucz, Clary, frat and a random d3 pole from Gettysburg, Cuse has a surplus of serviceable poles. However, they'll need to step up system wise if they want to take the program to the next level. I believe that John Odierna has what it takes to rally the troops and make this defense great, maybe he'll join the fellas at Harrys on occasion. Figueiras returns after an acl tear last fall and hasn't skipped a beat, and has given himself time to tear up sorority row. Expect him to be focused all year. I could see Dwan, figueiras, and caccamo starting, but expect Kol, Beck, and Clary to be waiting in the shadows if anyone fucks up.


Will mark is gonna have another great year, expect McCool and Ipp to see some serious time in the holy cross type games to prepare for next year. Not much hope for patty Duffy or Kyle rolley but fortunately they still get cuse lax parkas that are guaranteed to wheel 7s.

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