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Fuck Manhattan and the Bobcats Will Be Back

Damn that shit sucked. The Bobcats take their first L of the season and no more undefeated teams remain in D1. The only reason Manhattan won that game is because Mitchell Pehlke's butt plug James Hogan decided Qpac was his Super Bowl which is really just a compliment to the Pac, and the Pac is missing their starter at the X. Hoagie if you're reading this I wish you would have just become a kicker. For those of you that are unaware, Manhattan's other notable fogo is the son of Mariano Rivera (google him/know ball) so him paying off the refs was to be expected #RefShow. In my opinion (which is correct), this was a perfect time for the Cats to get their L out of the way and stampede through the rest of the MAAC play.

Positive takeaways: RDon is still a fucken beauty. The Donnerys are so much fun to watch. Germain is a stud too, I'm convinced his height listed on Qpac's roster is wrong because he plays like he's huge. G if you don't have 6' as your height on tinder you're missing out. This is also fantastic news for gamblers like myself as Qpac takes on The Mount this coming weekend who are complete dog shit. The line currently sits at -6 in favor of Qpac and after today I'd hammer it if it was -9.5. Thankfully #PowerTan is on our heater of the season right now and we ain't stopping soon so I'll be hitting up JRock's dad for a small loan of 50 sheets to put on Qpac spread. Manhattan may have won but joke's on them they still get no bitches and the Qpac boys will booze this one away and get back to the grind this weekend. I don't see an L on the rest of their schedule so congrats on your super bowl Manhattan and enjoy it before you drop to Marist this weekend.

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