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Chetty’s Weekend Preview

Thank fucking god college lax is finally back, absolutely amped to see some beauties get after it on the field tomorrow, not the greatest weekend of games but it'll do.

Duke vs Bellarmine

This game will be over in the first 5 minutes, expect Brennan O'Neil to be hitting bong on the sideline after dropping 7 Genos in 3 minutes. Not sure how long I'll tune into this matchup but I am excited to see SLU legend Will "elf bar" helm back in action and ferda freshman phenom Stevie Finnel.

Penn State vs Colgate

Another absolute joke of a tilt, we already know what's going down here the Nittany lions are gonna absolutely run through Colgate. Big fan of taking them to cover the spread at -9.5, these boys don't give a fuck and will run it up.

Hopkins vs Denver

Finally a decent fucking game, however I see the jays running a train on the pios. Big fan of their offense and the grit they got on the team. I mean brooks English had sex with a girl in the sauna, they don't make guys like that very often.

Utah vs Ohio St

Not many thoughts on this game but don't be suprised if Utah goes out there and wins this game, however this is the first time Ohio st hasn't gone into a season without being wildly overrated. Maybe I can like them now that Mitch pelk is gone.

Loyola Vs Georgetown

Solid tilt here, interested to see the Hoyas in action this year, I expect to see Kade Goldberg slinging the rock like butter and Ty banks being absolute leather in the midfield, however early season Loyola is always different they ran an absolute train on the Terps first game last year.

Rutgers vs Lehigh

Holy fuck, never been so confident about the outcome of a game. Rutgers is about to EAT against this squad tomorrow. Shane Knobby told me he's laying pipe on Scott Cole's girl all night and he's gonna be ripping twine all game. Lehigh lost local legend Chris Mulè who literally scored all their points and all they have now is a bunch of herbs who watch Jesse James west. Big fan of Rutgers this year let's fucking go.

Richmond vs Maryland

Tough tilt for the spiders but would be absolutely pumped if they come out with a W, might fuck around and throw my mortgage payment on Richmond +600

Vermont vs Cuse

Another joke of a game, Cuse is gonna hang 30 on them so they can get glazed by IL and Laxnetwork. However excited to spallina get after it this year

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