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Chetty's week 1 poll, A few new faces but the same number 1

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

HM- Navy, Merrimack, Villanova, Harvard, Lehigh, Richmond

20. Delaware (1-0)

The birds picked up a solid win over the weekend against Lafayette, Tye Kurtz put on a show

19 Jacksonville (1-1)

An impressive win over duke, maybe I slept on them, or maybe they're lucky

18 Brown (0-0)

17. Michigan (0-1)

Wolverines looked stronger than expected against UVA, hung with them physically and mentally interested to see how they bounce back

16. Vermont (1-1)

Catamounts rebounded strongly after a tough loss to Syracuse the weekend before and beat a solid BU team

15. Duke (2-1)

Doing what they do best in February...Lose! Blue devils have a chance to prove something against a Denver team coming off an upset loss this weekend.

14. North Carolina (1-0)

Shredded Mercer, plays Hopkins Tuesday, looks like Breschi and Metzbower have a fun offense brewing

13. Syracuse (3-0)

Otto looks strong, the first test coming up against Maryland this weekend

12. Loyola (1-0)

You know why they're ranked now.

11. Rutgers (2-0)

Escaped an upset against a strong Stony Brook squad

10. Ohio State (2-0)

9. Yale (0-0)

8. Johns Hopkins (2-0)

With two quality wins, the jays are buzzing

7. Georgetown (0-1)

Despite the loss, too much talent for these guys not to figure it out and be a top 5 team.

6. Princeton (0-0)

5. Penn (0-0)

4. Maryland (1-1)

I'm gonna bet the guys partied a little too hard after Richmond and got distracted, a few sprints and a speech from makar and Tillman will have them dialed once again

3. Cornell (0-0)

2. Notre Dame (0-0)

1 Virginia (1-0)

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