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Chetty’s Week 0 rankings

20. Penn

19. Boston U

18. Delaware

17. Richmond

Super close game for the spiders, team surpassed expectations with how they played Maryland, game literally could've gone either way

16. Princeton

15. UNC

14. Rutgers

Not the biggest fan of their performance this past weekend, however I could see this team improving a ton

13. Loyola

Big win this weekend for the boys against Georgetown, my apologies for underlooking the hounds.

12. Penn State

No comment, hope to see the boys chalk this and bounce back

11. Cornell

10. Army

9. Hopkins

Brutal loss for the boys, absolutely insane choke job however besides that I liked the things I saw. Boys were ripping ched for most of the game and Degnon stung an absolute ripper.

8. Cuse

I'm gonna halt the brakes, not sure what my coworker Greg was thinking. This team is good but I don't think they're on that level yet. I mean this happens every damn year Cuse shits on some dusty squads and rips ched until Virginia Notre dame and Duke come to town and take them to school. At least that's how it's been in recent years, however good ball movement but the clear still needs work.

7. Army

6. Denver

Big fan of the grit this squad showed in their game against Hopkins, Sillstrop played like an absolute beauty and the boys were buzzing on all ends even when Hopkins had a big juice play. Can totally see these boys taking the big east.

5. Maryland

Not sure if this team is in that top 4 just yet based on how they played against Richmond, these boys need to show up next game

4. Michigan

3. Virginia

2. Notre Dame

1 Duke

Suprised to see Josh Zawada starting on attack not gonna lie, big fan of this squad, tons of depth in the midfield and Brennan is looking massive after his winter Bulk. Saw Benn Johnston ripping it up out there as well, big fan of this team.

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