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Chetty's Players of the Week

It's been a while since I ripped some POTW, after ripping some ayahuasca in Central Park with my equinox trainer Ponderosa I realized bringing back this series was a must!

TJ Malone, Penn State

No surprise seeing this nailgun on here. 5 Genos and 2 apples to give the nitts the much-needed win against Michigan. Not to mention, TJ and certified Beauty Mac Costin decided to rip some postgame Molly and proceeded to go have some fun in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house with some chick named Audrey. I expect nothing less from TJ in his 6th year. Great work TJ!

Josh Zawada, Duke

Zawada is back on track. After duke has been looking like absolute dogshit the past few weeks Zawada made sure that Brennan started his summer cut and got his shipment of moonwalker OG from his connection in the slums of Durham. Zawada got the team back on track with 5 genos and an apple. I heard Zawadski ended up crashing Charles balsamos g wagon outside of one of the premiere strip clubs in durham after a night of blow and listening to 2016 Lil Uzi. Great work Josh!

Charlie Cunniffe, Lafayette

I'm not sure when this happened, but Lafayette suddenly isn't dogshit. Cunniffe was buzzing on Saturday with 3 genos and 2 apples to get a sneaky dub over the terriers. I know Cunniffe was celebrating meth Monday a little early because this studmuffin was on a mission all game. I'm sure he got acquainted with some Onlyfans models in downtown Boston after the game and maybe even dabbled in some K with the boys. Great work Charlie!

Cam Rubin, Penn

Despite being named in the epstein flight logs 167 times, Cam Rubin can score. Although they were playing shitty harvard, he still logged 6 genos and 2 apples with a shooting percentage of 60%. I haven't seen numbers like that since my good pal Newton was at Exeter. I don't think Cam is allowed 50 feet within an elementary school or better yet a sorority house but the kid can fuckin play. Great work Cam!

Ryan Bell, Providence

Not too familiar with this kid I won't lie, but 3 genos and 5 apples to get the dub over Marquette made my johnson perk up. The long Island native lives for dbol and fent friday. I hear that coach Benson even sends him some Peruvian hookers from time to time if Ryan plays well. I heard from multiple sources that Bell told his teammates he was taking some laced edibles pregame and kept muttering stuff about some hooker named Sandra. Stuff like this is what makes college lax great! Great work Ryan!

Will Coletti, Army

The italian stallion yet again had himself a day at the faceoff dot absolutely punishing Zach hayashi and sending his 8 inch all American rod down his throat. 54% on the day and a geno and an apple. Guy is an absolute cheat code. Great work Will!

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