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Army Vs Navy: Ride the lightning-Metallica.

Greg and I just got back to our penthouse on the upper east side following an absolutely electric day at west point. After ripping 8 ipas and some nosebeers at a local tavern in Highland falls NY, we parked our Porsche, (some Milf did it for us), and walked 12 miles to the field. From the start it was all Army the fellas were buzzing all game starting out with a 7-2 run and having their bench ripping every celly known to man. Navy had some sneaky Genos to make it 7-6 but I was only paying attention to the absolute rocket show in the stands man. I saw about 80 moms that were absolute tens. I also enjoyed watching Xaiver Arline get absolutely seatbelted all game. I will say the one player on Navy that impressed was number 6. Guy was an absolute load on the field.


Hit a jersey swap postgame with some of the boys and unfortunately some guy in NYC accused me of stolen valor for repping it. Feeling horrible for it now. Whatever, I touch more bag than he does. As you guys well know, I focus on not being biased at all in anything I write. My buddy Penderbrook McAllister calls me honest Greg when we’re crushing Coors in the bed of his lifted f-350 with flames on the side post beer league. That being said, I’m happy as hell right now I’m doing ketamine tonight. Colletti was limping at the end of the game and I pray to god my pookie wookie is gonna be fine. Grit bro needs to get healthy. Defensively, boys, starting with man child Pilate, this guy locked up Arline like he was an infant. That little wet puppy was lost out there had a wicked 0% shooting performance. Aj I hope a navy mom plays tummy sticks with you tonight and you gorilla mask her in front of the boys. Arline is dusttttttt. Offensively the boys came out red hot plunkett and Burek had themselves a day. Slowed in the third and then Burek hit the slopes and the game was over. Give paul johnson more pt, paul you can drive the panamera whenever you want. Sean byrne is a stud. Pretty sure he plays lead guitar for grandmas pizza’s rock band on Tuesdays. What a guy he is. Finally saw alberici in person, his biceps had my hands clammy all damn game. Guy has a Sherman tank build.

Overall, solid experience for the boys. Preston was pissed about the beer policy but the ganja we got from a Native American wanderer did the trick. Also found our future UD models. Our favorite cellies were the beheading ceremony and the door entry. Didn’t see Knox dent, will be sad about that for a while.

Thanks fellas


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