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Army continues win streak, mogs Loyola

The Black Knights have just been playing great lacrosse with now 7 wins in a row and 10-5 win today over Loyola with guys like ATL legend Evan Plunkett the freshman with 4 apples, to contrast him, Jacob Morin, 4 absolute rips, and the beloved Reese Burek with a goal and an assist. When I think of Reese Burek I think of that one clip of that Andrew Tate fella saying "Imagine shooting a man, with your last bullet, and he stands there, UNFAZED" that is how I imagine Reese and he sure has been playing like it—8 points in the last two games against strong conference opponents. And don't forget about Paulie Johnson, 1 goal and an apple with 3 gbs. Fogo Will Coletti stepped up big time today going 12/18, I heard pregame he wouldn't get off his phone and be watching the Johnathon Majors US Army commercial on repeat for 30 minutes, I mean I guess it seemed to work. The defense stood tall with the "texas cannon" lsm Christian Fournier leading the unit with 6 gbs and a cto. They were able to lock down the Ferda freshman phenom on Loyola Matthew Minicus to just 1 geno. This defense is a group of sweaty hard working guys, blue-collar, definitely don't have soft hands, they just show up and work and that's exactly what they did today holding Loyolas high powered offense to just 5 goals. These guys will face another tough conference opponent next in Bucknell.

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