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Chetty’s week 4 poll: America still on top, I hate the Ivy League

20. Penn

19. Michigan

Poor performance this weekend, absolutely disgraceful losing to Harvard. Not sure if they have what it takes to be in that upper level of teams.

18. UNC

Again can we get pj Zynsner some time, it's getting ridiculous. This entire teams offense is Owen Duffy and when you're playing holy cross it's chill but when acc play starts Zynser should be running on the first line.

17. Cornell

16. Quinnipiac

Americas team is unstoppable, as a wise man once said "good teams win, great teams cover" quinnipiac is a fucking great team. Boys are fuckin hitting elf bars and you got Adam Woodcock stroking his horn every time a Donnery brother scores. Absolute electricity.

15. Richmond

14. Rutgers

13. Harvard

Fuck this team

12. Princeton

Fuck this team

11. Yale

Fuck this team

10. Georgetown

Big fan of how this team has been playing, Kade "fuck your bitch" Goldberg been playing with a lot of poise, Anderson Moore has been a absolute brick wall for a tendy, teams gearing up for another big east title.

9. Denver

What did I fucking say last week, knew this team consisted of a bunch of frauds and it came to be true when they lost to Yale of all teams. Don't be suprised if they drop this next one to Ohio state too.

8. Maryland

Holy fuck these boys must've been hung tits on Saturday, I mean out here going into OT against a winless brown. Not sure where this squad stands compared to Hopkins and Penn State, gonna need log "fuck your bitch" Mcnaney to dial in.

7. Hopkins

Loss was bound to happen, Russel Melendez wore white cleats and the glazing from carc got to degnons head. They also caught some of Mason Kohkes 15" hammer at the faceoff dot.

6. Cuse

Much needed win for this team and looked great defensively, spallina got back on track and even talked to some girls that night!

5. Penn State

This team is so fucking back, absolute showing on Saturday running a train on Cornell and I couldn't be happier. Wouldn't be suprised if I was told Traynor and Malone did some pregame skiing. Absolutely electric to see this team fondeling Ivy League squads again

4. Virginia

3. Duke

Alright I've had enough of the laxnetwork Brennan O'Neil glazing, the real one who should be being glazed is Josh fucking zawada. This guy is the man, at this point it's clear he's leading the tewaarton race. This man is assisting pretty much every goal that offense scores and not to mention he gets the fuck after it right after the game ends. Fuck yeah zawada.

2. Notre Dame

Honestly zero thoughts besides how the fuck do you let Nick Myers (fuck nick Myers) and Ohio state only lose by 3.

  1. Army

Finally the corrupt ass mainstream lacrosse media listened to us (the people) and fucking put army number 1. I know for a fact Terrence Foy and inside lacrosse have taken millions of dollars from China and tried their hardest to not put the troops at number 1. Sorry Terry Foy it's too fucking late buddy everyone knows you and your rankings suck dick might as well hand over the IL company card so I can get some extra protein on my chipper bowl. Anyways, Army is still a confirmed wagon, lehigh should give fuckin Jesse James west a call if they want a chance against this squad.

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