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Upper Decky Preseason AA list

First Team

A-Brennan O'Neil, Duke

A-Connor Shellenberger, Virginia

A- Pat Kavanaugh, Notre Dame

M- Eric "Horsecock" Dobson, Notre Dame

M- Shane "upperdecky" Knobloch, Rutgers

M- Graham Bundy JR, Gtown

FO- Jake Naso, Duke

SSDM- Brent Mcvicker, Penn State

LSM- Tyler Carpenter, Duke

D- Kenny Brower, Duke

D- Jack Posey, Penn State

D- Aj Pilate, Army

G- Uncle Entemann, Notre Dame

Second Team

A- TJ Malone, Penn State

A- CJ Kirst, Cornell

A- Payton "Big Country" Cormier, Virginia

M- Matt Traynor, Penn State

M- Matt Collison, Hopkins

M- Griffin Shutz, Virginia

FO- Luke Weirman, Maryland

SSDM- Ty English, UNC

LSM- Jake Piseno, Albany

D- Ajax Zappitello, Maryland

D- Cole Kastner, Virginia

D- Handsome Reid Colwell, Villanova

G- Log "Fuck your Bitch" Mcnaney, Maryland

Third Team

A- Andrew Mcadory, Duke

A- Joey Spallina, Cuse

A- Dyzyn Williams, Duke

M- Jake Morin, Army

M- Jake Stevens, Cuse

M- PJ Zynsner, UNC

FO- Will Coletti, Army

SSDM- Noah Chizonurface, Virginia

LSM- Richard Checo, Lehigh

D- Scott Smith, Hopkins

D- Paul Barton, UNC

D- Jackson Bonitz, Navy

G- Will "elf bar" Helm, Duke


A- Dalton Young, Richmond

A- Reese Burek, Army

A- Braden Erksa, Maryland

A- Josh Zawada, Duke

A- Chris Kavanaugh, Notre Dame

A- Russell Melendez, Hopkins

M- Devon "Noise Complaint" Mclane, Notre Dame

M- Evan "Copenhagen" Plunkett, Army

M- Joe Calandrino, Penn State

M- Lance Madonna, Richmond

M- Jack Boyden, Virginia

M- Cousin Aiden, Brown

G- Will Mark, Syracuse

7th Team

A- Coulter "Cumdumpster" Mackesey

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1 Comment

Sleeping on SSDM - Andrew "Diabetic Fuck" Macheca. Anybody who plays with diabetes is sacrificing their life every game for the greater good of society. Kid should have a spot as an HM or maybe like 12th team.

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