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Tuesday recap - UVA, Lehigh, Delaware, and Dartmouth?????

These midweek games are a thing of beauty. Great excuse for me to get mildly shitfaced on a weekday. Lets get into it

UVA 18 - Johns Hopkins 13

UVA had this one the whole time, but they had to stifle a few attempts at a comeback. Pretty impressed with Cormier's replacement Patrick McIntosh with 6 ginos on 7 shots, he looked pretty leather out there. We've been in contact with Big country who says "I'll be alright hahaha" and that his lower body injury isn't too serious. Hoping that Mcintosh can still get some burn when Cormier can come back, but this UVA squad is fucking loaded with talent. Their 4th middie line could be better than most team's first. Their offense is gonna need to be stellar the rest of the year though, with the defense and Nunes especially looking pretty shitty in the first few quarters, I think he had like 3 saves midway through the third and was guessing on everything. McIntosh probably slid him the elf bar at the perfect time though since he ended with 9 saves and looked halfway decent in the 4th. Neither goalie was very good though with Marcille saving 38%. I was impressed with Hopkins freshman Matt Collison, big ass Canadian at 6'4" 225, looking like Greg Swisher out there dropping a hat trick. I heard Collison committed to Hopkins after seeing a rocket blonde on campus, only later to realize it was Shack Stanwick's mom. On the UVA side, Griffin Shutz ripped some nose beers pregame and had 4g 2a, while Malnourished Maestro Xander Dickson also had a 6 piece on 8 shots. Cousin Petey was 67% from the stripe and is probably the best fogo in the land while also being a threat on the offensive end. Hoping they can draw Princeton in the NCAAs, I'd love to see Sandy's season come to an end after 5'6" LaSalla goes 80% against him. Pete also makes better tiktoks

Dartmouth 20- Hobart 16

Being the Ivy League school that parties the most, I'm not super surprised seeing Dartmouth's early success. However, they're currently 4-0 after beating 3 mickey mouse opponents and Hobart. Hobart was up 7-1 but the Big Green came back to win 20-16, I'm sure Coach raymond is going to have these boys on the line all week following that choke. Dartmouth should get ready to get humbled with UNC next, that could be a 30 goal game if Breschi wants it to be.

Lehigh 14 - Binghamton 13

This was a similar game to the Dartmouth-Bart game, with Lehigh jumping out to a 8-1 lead and the Bears clawing back to make it close. Scott Cole (7g) and Christian Mule (1g 3a) sealed the dub for Lehigh. Mike Siss struggled a bit, going only 55% but their offense pulled through. They play Holy Cross saturday, and should beat the shit out of them.

Delaware 17 - UMBC 11

Blue hens have been rolling, Owen Grant has to be on tren, and Tye Kurtz is a sneaky bastard with a hat trick in every game so far. He had 4g 2a and propelled UD to their fourth win this year. Expect them to be mid through this year and make another postseason run like they did last year. DeLuca will have these boys dialed come tournament time once they stop showing up to games slightly hung.

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