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Syracuse shows out in scrimmage against Michigan

The Orange had quite a disappointing season last year but bringing in a number 1 recruiting class and adding two solid offensive transfers in Simmons and Kirst makes them an interesting team this year. in the scrimmage, you saw guys plucking corners laying big hits, and having fun. If I had to guess, the boys must've had themselves a night at Harry's or the orange crate pounding natty lites and jack and cokes. The guys in that locker room need to turn it up this year on the field and in the bars, more booze=More wins. Hopefully, Gait can develop number 1 recruit Joey Spallina into a machine on and off the field. From what I've heard, freshman Finn Thompson has been stealing the show and does not miss a single shot. I heard other rumors that after 5 days on campus, he moved into the Alpha Phi sorority house. Excited to see what coach gait can do with the squad this year and hopefully bring them back to glory.

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