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Syracuse Men's Lacrosse "THE FUTURE IS ORANGE"

I wasn't really sure how to start this off, Syracuse came out of the GAIT(get it... Gary Gait) HOT!! after clinically thrashing their first three oponents, they showed their hearts in a tough gritty battle to Maryland where they fell short. Did you see that fucking spalling kid fondle Brett Makar? Did you see that Canadian freshman kid looking like a fucking beauty at DKE fraternity? Did you see Kempney dancing in the corner of Harry's Bar... alone till 2:30 am the night before the game? What I'm getting at is this young ass team is full of certified fucking nail guns who can party, smoke cigs, wheel 7's then go find twine on national TV like it's no ones business. Honestly this all could be old news, syracuse is one of the best party schools in the nation, and you already know at Upperdecky we correlate lacrosse talent to how hard you can party! Some of my colleagues think the 🍊 don't fucking suck this year because they got rid of their Six helmets. I think they got better because coach gait stopped dressing like he was going to a funeral in full black suits on game day. I mean WTF. Either way the orange have turned my head, off to a hot start, do they fucking suck? Are they ACC contenders? Who the fuck knows?

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