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Quick Breakdown, Johns Hopkins' need for improvement.

Lovely game on a beautiful Tuesday night. I did not expect that comeback at all but UNC came out guns a-blazin' in that second half. I would say Hopkins deserved to win but they simply cannot shoot the ball. My focal point is Jacob Angelus (pictured above). This kid is one of the best dodgers in Division 1 lacrosse but has the shooting ability of a middle school Team 91 player. He can beat defenders so cleanly off a dodge and gets more than just a step a majority of the time. However, what is the purpose of sliding to him? He is looking to get the ball out of his stick the moment he hits GLE. Hoping it is just a mild confidence/luck issue similar to what Spallina went through in game 1 but it is worrying to see such talent wasted. His dodging style is very similar to what I once had, relying on quick footwork and split dodges. The only difference is, I could find the back of the net. I really hope this kid figures it out, he should be their quarterback and lead this offense to a deep tournament run. If shooting is your biggest worry, however, it is something that can be fixed shortly, especially in tight. Other than Angelus, the offense went stagnant at times throughout the game, granted it is February, but consistency wins championships. Defensively, Marcille having to save 15 shots again is still very worrying. UNC struggled to shoot, with bad placement and shots that left me scratching my head. Love the physicality, but this is far from a Hopkins defense of the past.

All in all, this team still looks ready to contend deep into the season and I would go as far as to say this loss will look very flukey when the season comes to an end. If they can shoot, look out Big 10.

Also, wish my kid Gunnar Tage Swisher good luck for next week, varsity tryouts as a freshman!!!

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