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Payton Cormier and a Uva vs Ohio St breakdown

First and foremost, Reid Colwell put down the Diet Snapple and go talk to a female kid! Seriously man you’re in college now grow up… If you Villanova boys see this, make sure he does.

Back to the good shit.

Is that a weird-looking South African safari guide? Is that the smelly first baseman from Vanderbilt who showers once a week? No guys, that’s just Big Country Cormier. This guy shoved his voluptuous cankles straight down the Buckeyes throat and didn’t look back. It is officially barrel season in Charlottesville. Put his name on the Tewaaraton right now. In my opinion, he is the best finisher in college lacrosse and has that weird shiftiness that seems to catch defenders off guard. I’ve heard reports that this kid pretty much lives at Runk dining hall throating multiple double cheeseburgers a day. Burgers are for winners Payton, go get yourself another.

As for the rest of the UVA squad, nothing was that special about the team. Shellenberger had a quiet night although it didn’t seem like the game plan centered around him as much. Lowkey got strapped but that’s where God of Thunder Payton Cormier helped out.

Love that Sunderland is seeing the field more, this kid is a stud and was my preseason rookie of the year. Need more production Truitt, stop being soft, and stop passing the damn ball. Play like Payton.

Defense looked a lot better although I think the buckeyes are big frauds. Saustad is a top 5 pole in the country and I can't see a counterargument.

Peter Garno’s assist was my play of the game mainly cause I didn’t know the guy could pass the ball. Well done Pete!

From the Ohio State side, I mean, what is there to break down? Like honestly I can’t think of something to say. Just do better I guess. Shean seems like a cool guy but other than that, big disappointment from the boys coming out of the 3rd world state.

Grit awards for the game:

Goes to Petey Lasalla and of course Evan Zynn.



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