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Meet the staff: Greg “Big Greg” Pendleberry Swisher

As this brand continues to grow, we thought it was time we truly introduce ourselves to our supporters. Starting with myself, Big Gregory, expect more intros to come soon.

I was born in Stamford, CT in the year 1972 into a small family with very little, all we had was a 30-acre property right on the water with only a handful of maids and whatnot. Outside of that, my dad bought a few measly beachfront places up and down both coasts of the country. My favorite was park city just rippin' up pow with my cousins Jasper, Quincey, and Mohammed. My lacrosse background started when I was about 7 years old playing youth ball in my local rec league. Back then fellas, there was no mad lax bs, it was just show up, hit some kids, rip pellets top shelf, and then go home and wrestle shirtless with your neighbor. I was an absolute stud then, I reckon I averaged about 16 goals a game in youth, and by the time high school came around, Andover was begging me to attend. I played hockey and lax throughout all 6 years and dominated in both. I held multiple records including 126 on the PACER test, not sure if it’s still written on the gym chalkboard (it better be), most consecutive wall ball dots(3,472), and most house parties as a freshman(62). People knew who I was all over the state of Mass. I think my body count hit triple digits by the time I was a sophomore. You’re probably wondering, you have a wife, Greg, you shouldn’t say that… Barbara knows I wheeled back in the day. Let’s just say she also knows I bring in roughly 4 million a year and will inherit another 10 hopefully in a few months, dad has Alzheimer’s. We own 2 houses on the cape and one down in Miami, she understands how important I am. High school was so sick man, I use to rip blow before 3rd period with my buddy Louie(French-Canadian fella) and just be zapped throughout the day making fun of the fat kids and whatnot. I graduated in 1992 at the age of 20 and played ball up at the U. Union was a powerhouse then, teams like Hopkins and Cuse refused to scrimmage us because we played grit ball.

I held the record for most points for about 17 years until it was recently broken by some loser from the DMV. I’d compare myself to a Pat Spencer, Lyle Thompson, and Michael Sowers hybrid. I really changed the game and D3 lacrosse as a whole. My coach said I was the best player he’d ever seen and begged me to go pro. Instead, I founded my own law firm and it has been a beast ever since. I now have 3 kids, Gunnar, Chrysanthemum, and Royce. All standouts for their respective squad.

Well, that’s me fellas, I was a stud if you couldn’t tell.



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