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Joey Spallina: Good Not Great.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Okay so yeah we all saw cuse HARDLY beat vermont and spallina shoots and scores on a bean bag goal and loses his fuckinggggg mind. Then we go forward a week to the orange matchup with the daneeeeee trainnnnnnn and ya know spallina lives up to #22 by racking up 5 ginos. THIS ISNT THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Joey gets a good angle and good shots off. Hell, he scores, but he's shooting low shots and doesn’t fucking scrape the ice. I DONT CARE I’d rather see Brennan O'niel shoot 110mph top cheddar than celly. Then see Joey shoot 80 mph low corner then run around the turf and bang his head. All said and done, the kids been playing well,

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